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Sunday, August 31, 2008

There Goes My Life

Last week was hard on this Mommy. Not just giving my little boy up to the school system for a full day BUT putting him on a bus. There were so many things I couldn't assume he knew and I had to explain to him. One being, just because a bunch of your friends from the neighborhood are on the bus and you weren't wearing a seatbelt you still had to stay seated and listen to the bus driver. Well, he was so excited about the bus. We get there way early every morning because he is ready to go. The first day he comes bouncing off the bus, he had to goooooo. I emailed his teacher that maybe the next day he should try to make him go potty before he gets on the bus. That worked better. Also, with tears in my eyes I asked him how the bus ride was and he says, "good. that bus driver is a crazy driver." That night at dinner as we were talking about their days, Hannah asked Benjamin "buddy, what was your favorite part of the day?" Benjamin takes a minute to reflect and comes back with "the BUS. those boys on there are so funny."

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