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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"I can see, I can see", says the blind Emily

Took Emily this morning to have her eyes checked. It had been two years (bad Mommy, I know). She's been squinting for a long time but in my defense she does have a pair of glasses that you hardly, if ever, see her in. Seriously! This spring we went to her parent/teacher conferences with her and she had her glasses on and her teacher says "nice glasses, Emily. Did you just get them?". She had been in school for 6 months!!!! UGH!!!

Well, the doctor couldn't believe it. Emily couldn't even see the biggest letter, without covering both eyes. Her eye sight was horrible!!!!!! We are going to attempt contacts. She had to put them in and take them out before we could leave (I thought oh great! I need to get to work some time today) but she did pretty good. We even ordered a new pair of glasses (minus the scratches). On our drive home she couldn't believe all the signs, the "crispness of the leaves on the trees", just how everything looked! Oh!!! She was even excited that she would be able to see her friends faces. I explained she might have to return all the money she made this summer from babysitting and house sitting since she couldn't really see what was going on!

Maybe she can see her room needs to be cleaned now...ha ha...I am laughing so so funny! (I love you Emily)


go mom go said...

I know that feeling. I'm legally blind without my glasses.
You're such a good mom to let her get contacts.

Connor Corneil said...

i probally need them to will probaly see you at the movie party sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

I remember that feeling....the first time I realized you are SUPPOSED to be able to see each leaf on a tree! I know she feels better now!! Good luck with the contacts. I hate mine! :)