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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Thursday night we let Emily have a Movie Night and invite a few friends over. She invited 9 kids and 7 could make it. We thought two and 1/2 hours would be perfect, well, it might have been an hour over our limit. (hee hee) Boy, a bunch of tweens was really no different than the birthday party we had for Benjamin this year with 8 little 5 yr old boys running loose in the house. We thought the first 15 minutes or so we would let them get reaquainted after the summer break and then we had popcorn and soda and tried to get them to settle down and watch "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". They didn't watch too quietly, Dan & I think they probably missed some really great parts but they were having fun. Afterwards, there was chocolate cupcakes for Connor Corneil's birthday (& girl Connor is celebrating a bday next week) and after the running and screaming through out the house the Mommies & Daddies came and picked up their BIG ones. Phew!! What a night! But, that night as we were saying prayers Emily thanked me for giving her the idea and letting her have the party. She said it was really great!! Made my day!

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