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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Baby is Going To Be Six!

This is going to be a hard week and I am trying not to think about it too much but my baby boy is turning six on Thursday. Where has the last six years gone? I was watching him sleep last night. My boy plays hard and he sleeps hard, but what I noticed that while he was laying there his body looked so long(even though when he wakes up he is the smallest kid in his class). He was all stretched out laying there snoring and I wondered what happened to that little guy? When did he grow up? He used to fit in my lap in the rocking chair and we can still do that now but it is not that comfortable for him or me, I have to hold his legs up! He has always been a sweet boy and still is. He loves his mama and I am blessed for that. I just want to stop it all but I guess it's something that we have to do - let our little ones grow! But, why does it have to be so hard!?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hannah and The Bee, Spelling, that is

Hannah amde the spelling bee at her scool. They pick 5 kids in each 5th grade classroom by holding spelling bees and the top 5 get to participate in the bee. Hannah was the 3rd one picked in her class, she was #2 in the first and second rounds! Yesterday was the BIG day and she was such a nervous wreck. Dan had to work so he was unable to come but Emily wanted to come so I stopped and picked her up on the way! When it was Hannah's turn to get up, she did such a great job. She was very loud and annunciated so well. She got through the first two rounds, maybe three now that I think of it and on the next one she was asked to spell - Ground. She looked so secure and strong when delivering the spelling - G-O-R-U-N-D. I was sending her brain waves to stop and think about it but she said, "ground". I knew she was disappointed in herself but I was so proud. She ended up in 11th place. After it was all over she started crying and was so upset. I explained to her that she did a wonderful job and that we were proud of her. Emily did too. And then lots, and I mean lots, of friends came up and hugged her and said "Oh Hannah you did great...better than me...or you made it, I didn't". My camera died as I went to take a pic but I took a pic on my cell phone I'll try to upload it! Hannah we love you and are so proud of your accomplishment!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

He Can't Help Himself!

Benjamin is a ladies man. Always has been. Girls of all ages flock to him. Because of the Mueller boys most girls at Sentinel know and love him. But at Cold Springs, his school, he really is the LADIES MAN. It is actually scary you can't walk through the hall without a girl saying "Hiiii Benjamin" and Benjmain stopping to give that girl a hug. It could be a 5th grader, it could be a kindergartner or any age in between. I picked him up from school last week, to hunt for some missing gloves in the lost and found, and one minute he is behind me and the next he is not. And I heard lots of "Hiii Benjamins" he finally catches up with me and he says "Sorry Mom but when the girls say hi I always have to stop and hug them cause they are soo cute". Boy, are we going to have some problems with our little player!