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Friday, May 29, 2009

Where Everybody Knows My Name

Awww, Chief Charlo Elementary School - It's my Cheers - a place I can walk into and everyone walking around is like "Kelley" with smiles on their faces or "Good to see you Kelley" or "Hey Kelley" or "How's Emily" or "Hannah" or "Benjamin". Yes, even Benjamin even though he never attended Chief Charlo he was a prescence at that school. Benjamin was in a car seat at many PTA meetings or helping in his sisters classes, he crawled around the school and knew his way around. The secretary, the lovely Mrs Zinne, would tease him and taunt him to answer the phone and take her job and I can remember as clear as the day he picked up the phone and said "Chief Charlo School". Cheryl didn't tease him to do that again! Emily was blessed to go there for her whole elementary career and Hannah did through third grade. I would love for Benjamin to go to school there but we know live in a different school area. I'm hoping that if our house sells, it will be officially on the market Monday - June 1st, that we can get back that way and that can be Benjamin's school. He will do just fine there - he knows a lot of the shiny faces. The elementary school Hannah and Benjamin now attend just doesn't feel like home to me - I've tried to get involved a bit and still - I miss Chief Charlo - where everybody knows my name and they're always glad I came.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

15 yrs and still going strong

Today is our 15th anniversary! It hasn't been an easy 15 years but here we are still going strong. They were so many skeptics that thought we wouldn't make it but we have.

Dan and I met April 11, 1994 in Cocoa, FL one our first date he told me he was moving back to Montana the first part of June - I remember sitting there thinking "what do I care, it's not like I'm gonna marry the guy". Here I am sitting in Montana and in June I will be here for 15 yrs. I guess it did matter!!!

We were married May 17, 1994 in Melbourne, FL and they only reason we "waited" and chose that date was because it was my grandparents anniversary!

Dan and I head out tomorrow for a few days in Seattle. Excited to get away. It's for Dan's summer meeting so there is some "work" but most of all it's play and being together without those kids! Looking forward to it! Love you honey!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Without The Mother?

Is it wrong to want to spend Mother's Day, the day I should be celebrated by my kids, far far away from my kids??? By 10 am I wanted to run. Well, not literally RUN but I wanted to get in the car and drive away from the kids and spend the day alone! Saturday had been a crazy day and even with sleeping in - Benjamin cried most of the day (which he NEVER does), Hannah threw a lot of huge fits and Emily, well Emily, just didn't really have a very nice attitude. I said to Dan, who was trying to help but there really was no help to give, "one day, one day a year for them not to fight, not to cry, not to talk back - nope!" Is it too much to ask for? I guess...Happy Mothers Day To Me!

By the way - we had 4, count em, 4 soccer games that afternoon and then we headed to Nani and McKayla's for a birthday dinner for me! It was yummy food and beverages too!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 Reasons They Love Me

10. You brought us into the world!
9. You clean our bedroom (sometimes)
8. You feed us (then they told me when Daddy's not around and Emily joked you tell us where the Hot Pockets are!)
7. You drive us where we need to go
6. You help us when we need it
5. You make us laugh (haha)
4. You're stylish
3. You scrapbook our memories for us
2. You support us in everything we do
1. You love us

Friday, May 8, 2009

How Can You NOT Love A Boy That Sleeps Like This?

10 Reasons I Love Benjamin

10. He is my baby boy I always dreamed for.
9. He is a sweetheart to all - very loving little boy
8. He is so smart - I am amazed by him and what he knows and asks - very inquisitive
7. He is all boy - loves cars, army guys, dirt, bikes, video games, sports, NASCAR
6. He is the perfect size - I know he sometimes gets a little sad since he is like the littlest kid in his class but I think I would go crazy if he was growing any bigger any faster! His little hand fits perfectly in mine!
5. He loves his Mommy & Daddy and is not afraid to tell us or show it!
4. He may drive his sisters crazy but they all love each other and would go crazy without each other.
3. Everybody loves Benjamin - he is just a sweet, fun, polite, cute boy that always has a smile!
2. His beautiful blue eyes!
1. He brings such joy to our household - I can't imagine, err, I can't fathom life without him. He makes me smile every single day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Southgate Mall - MCPS Art Show

All three of the kids had artwork in the Missoula County Public School Art Show at the Southgate Mall. The art teachers take a lot of time and energy and really decorate up the mall with local kids artwork. Emily asked if we could stop by the mall after church last Sunday to check it out. She ended up getting upset with me at the mall and therefore you will not a pic of her with her artwork - Benjamin is posing by Emily's. Oh well! Hannah was surprised to find out she had two items being shown!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Am A Weakling

I think since I hide behind my humor and sarcasm people assume (don't do that!) I am a strong person. I am a weakling! I need support, backing, someone to hold my hand... My feelings get hurt VERY easily too - not a good combination.

My mind is just running on all the things I NEED to be strong for and am not sure I have the ability to do on my own. I am working on getting our house ready to put on the market and I really need someone to help push me along and hold my hand for that process. With the School Board Trustee elections yesterday - our board is now very, VERY liberal - there are only a few that I would count with my way of Conservative thinking - am I strong enough to fight for my views and morals? I'm not sure. I really want this running thing to take off for me but I NEED a BIG push and someone to help support me and push my big butt along.

How can I push myself and get the results I want and be a BIG girl?

Friday, May 1, 2009

I Know God Has My Back

This was my status this morning on facebook, yes, this morning, I change my status a few times a day. Anyways - of course a friend made a silly comment about my front and such but I had two people question me about my faith. How do I know God has my back?? I've been in a bad place for awhile now. Trying to make things better for our family but not 100% positive that things I'm doing are right. I THINK they are but who really knows, right? Yesterday was a bad day I cried for, well, pretty much most of the morning and afternoon. I was in the car driving just questioning EVERYTHING and had SOS Radio on, the Christian radio station. They start talking about the unknown and changes we make in life and never really knowing what is the right thing to do but that God has our back. It was kind of like a scene from a Ron White stand up comedy routine, the one where he says he's laying around watching tv and someone pops up on the screen and says are you laying around watching tv right now? Um yeah. Are you eating cheetos in your underwear? Um yeah. Are you going to send us $100? Close one but no... It was like the radio was talking to me but it really wasn't the radio was it? It was God. Giving me my sign I always want. Saying he knows how I'm feeling. He's there. He's got my back. Things are still unknown but it sure made me feel better knowing God has my back!