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Friday, August 8, 2008

10 Reasons I Hate The Fair

Yesterday we headed to the Western Montana Fair for Kids Day.

Ten Reasons I "hate" the fair:

1. The dirt - Emily's legs were actually black at the end of the night.

2. The prices - I found the best deal for All You Can Ride for $15, well, I thought. In the smallest reading there was a $1 Fuel Charge so it was actually $16. Why don't they just put $16 on the *&^%$#@ ticket!!!! Then I bought a soda in the carnival section and the guy handed it to me like an inch under the rim for $3. I said "hey (in a very friendly voice) it's really hot and I am really thirsty, could I get you to fill it to the top". (I swear he put regular on top of my diet, atleast he didn't spit on it, I think, wait, I hope...eewwwwww!!!)

3. The lines for the rides - UGH!!!

4. The heat - why do they have the fair in August. Sun beating down on you

5. The people - I have to admit sometimes it is fun to "people watch" at the fair (boy, you get to see them all) but there are so many and of course they all walk slower than me.

6. The carnies -they are just gross, they scare me

7. The games - why do they like to make my little guy think he can get a life sized Spiderman for only $3???

8. The smoke - irregardless of where I am at the fair. I am always near someone smoking away that just blows right into my nostrils.
9. The fact they make you pay to "walk" into the fair - what a rip off!
10. the garbage - why can't people get their garbage in all the trash cans provided? And why do they teach their kids to do the same as them???
Okay, that really wasn't that hard to come up with 10. Heck, I probably can come up with 20 reasons I hate the fair. It's great that Emily was old enough to hang out with friends by herself (with our own personal gps - Dan's cell phone). I can't wait (well I can 'cause I don't want them to grow up too fast) for them to be able to do their own thing. Dan and I can walk around and eat some fair cuisine and see the displays and head home. The end...that will be nice.
P.S. Benjamin threw a huge fit (see pic) when it was time to head home around 9:30 in the evening. He told me hadn't had fun yet, I told him I begged to differ. I had a camera full of fun and smiles through out the day.


Carrie Godfrey said...

I am right there with ya! Those are all the reasons I don't like the fair either! Have a good day!

Rebecca Spinder said...


Anonymous said... I finished "New Moon" Saturday night. It took me one day and part of night. You were right, it was the hardest to get through, but I made myself! I started "Eclipse" yesterday and it is really good, I am halfway through it now and then hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can go get "Breaking Dawn" and finish this obsession up! But, now I am getting excited about the movie! Have you seen the previews for it yet? It looks pretty good!!!