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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life Has Been So Busy & Crazy

I just can't believe how busy things can be. I know a big part of it is that we make it that way but...geez. Last week was a horrible, horrible week. The weekend before was just so crazy that probably didn't help matters. Homecoming, football games, soccer games...Dan trying to get ready to leave for the week. Iris, his van, was having a little issue with her brakes so I didn't want Dan driving her through the passes so I told him to leave her and take Mike, my van. (I know we are goofy to name our vans...after we got two we just found it easier to tell the kids to "get in Mike" or "get in Iris" versus get in the van). I planned to take his van in to have the problem checked out. Well there was a loose screw, they screwed that in and then lo and behold the reverse didn't work any longer! Coincidence or timing??? Still not sure. So I drove a van with no reverse all week. Boy, don't take your reverse for granted. I had to really plan out any trip anywhere. Work: I can't park in the parking lot I have to park on the street, so I have to plan to turn down the street before to get around because of the way the parking is around here. Grocery store I have to pull ahead and park away from everyone so no one gets too close. Home I have to drive home another way so I don't accidentally park in the driveway. UGH!!! My brain hurts!!! Anyway, we are trying to get someone to look at it and let us know if the brake shop could be at fault and how cheap of a repair it is (ha, ha). Once Dan got back to Missoula he had football games to ref ~ tis the season. Dan refs high school football games, if you didn't know. So he really hasn't been around much. Dan's great uncle passed away two weeks ago and the family had put off his service an extra week just because, well, they did and his wife ended up passing away last week. So the kids and I went to a double funeral service on Saturday morning (it was so sad)~ no Dan, reffing. Our neighbor who has colon cancer was in the hospital with a blockage and it wasn't looking good. Emily was sick. I didn't feel good ~ sore throat, achy body. I had a bad week with the girls. Attitudes, being nice to each other/me and school work. Work was a little off last week too. I was just a freakin wreck. Such a cry baby. I could cry at the drop of, well, anything. The house was a mess, because we weren't really home and laundry piled up, I had grocery shopping to do, Benjamin needed a haircut. Three different soccer practices, thank God no school board meetings.

Well, I am trying to move forward, make some lists and get some projects accomplished. Especially outside since the cold weather will be here before you know it. Hoping we get the car issue figured out soon. But on a sad, sad note. We called Greg, our vet/friend, and we are planning on early next week to put Sebastian down. It is just time. We told the girls last night and I am going to get "Dog Heaven" (thanks Sarah) and we will tell Benjamin sometime this week. 14 years of memories...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kelley's Getting on Her Soapbox Again

THONGS! What is the real reason for these??? Does anyone know? Are they just supposed to be a "sexy" thing? There is no real "use" for them. They don't cover anything! They are disgusting on cute, little butts and they are really disgusting on large arses!!! This weekend I was at a funeral service, in a church, and a large girl was wearing one with low rider pants across aisles from me people and every time she stood up and sat down I got to see this piece of material, covering, well not much! UGH!!!! I was so embarrassed for her. Seriously can anyone tell me what there purpose is?!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Todays Gripe...Tip Jars

okay, here is something that drives me crazy!! Tip seems like everyone has them today. I scooped some ice cream for you ~ give me a tip. I made your coffee drink wrong ~ give me a tip. I put your to go lunch order in the computer ~ give me a tip. Ugh!!! Should I put one on my desk? I collected your insurance premium ~ give me a tip. Should I put one at the house? I cleaned up your messes ~ give me a tip??? (Well I guess I sort of have one by the laundry :) because I always make a little extra with money falling out of pockets.) And then how many of you feel guilted about it and give the people a tip even though they didn't do anything above & beyond, they just did their job??? Oh and another thing is now when you pay with a debit/credit card they have a tip place like on every receipt everywhere. I swear last week I didn't put a tip on the slip when I was just ordering my lunch and when I got my lunch it was ice cold ~ coincidence or no? You decide

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Fun to Play Soccer at the YMCA ~ sing along with me

Last Sunday YMCA Fall Soccer started. This season we have all three playing ~ UGH!! That is alot of time at the Fort on Sunday afternoon. For instance this Sunday we would have had two games at noon, one at one and one at two BUT Emily stayed home sick so we got out of her double header. Benjamin's game was first at noon. Last spring was Benjamin's first time playing and he loved it. He has waited his whole life to be part of a team ~ commradarie, high fives, practice, the parent tunnel at the end of the game and of course the snacks! This week he scored atleast 3 goals he changed his story after Hannah scored 3 at her game. See whoever scores the most goals gets to pick where we go to lunch. Hannah had a great game too and scored atleast 3 but I think it ended up being 4 by the end. It was so flippin' cold out there this Sunday that we just were waiting for it all to end.

Monday, September 22, 2008

How Do You Make The Call??

Sebastian, mine and Dan's first baby, is getting closer and closer to the end. But, how do you make the call???? Sebastian, "Old Man" as we nicknamed him a few years back is atleast 15-16 years old. He has lived a great life. Has lived through 3 babies, a cat and a big chocolate lab puppy. He has been cranky for a couple of years now, thus the "Old Man" nickname. His eyes are almost all the way glassed over, he can't hear and Dan thinks he is peeing downstairs now. If that is the case the call will have to be made soon, we can't have that going on. But he has been our best friend for so many years now, a part of our life. How do we just make the call to say goodbye?? God could help us out by just taking him, but would that be easier? Most likely it would happen when Dan is gone and I wouldn't know what to do. Every night when he falls asleep on Hannah's bed I wonder, "will he wake up tomorrow morning?". Our vet won't even help us out and give us a shove in that direction. He wants us to make the call. Ugh! What a hard day that will be, but when will it be?? How do you say goodbye to a friend??

Sunday, September 21, 2008


This weekend is a BIG weekend here in Missoula. University of Montana Homecoming. The GRIZ were playing UC-Davis and won 29-25. It was a scary last few minutes but we won. Also, we hit a record attendance at the game with 25,209 fans. There is nothing like Washington Grizzly stadium on a Saturday game day!

We always have to hit the parade before the game. This year Emily was marching in the parade with Red Wave - the middle school band. They do not have oboes in marching bands so she had to play the bells. Benjamin and Hannah decorated their candy bags and were ready to get some candy. Benny the Bull came through with Monte (UM mascot) and Benjamin was gone, hiding behind Daddy's legs. We sure thought after he became friends with Ollie this summer that things would be different with Monte, but he still scares him. Benny the Bull (mascot from the Chicago Bulls), for all you outside of our state, is the old Monte so it is always awesome when he comes home!!! Benjamin thought Benny was crazy! He just kept saying it. He was driving the motorcycle like a wild man. This morning I explained to Benjamin that Monte and Benny are just guys in a costume. He just looked at me. "Really Mom. Just guys dressed up?"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Mommy Skip Day

Today I was supposed to be at a school board training day, but that got cancelled (awhile back)so instead of going to work today I had a Mommy Skip Day. My friend Tana and Darlene and I did the Hiawatha Bike Trail on the Montana/Idaho border. It was something I had on my New Years Resolutions for 2007 and it didn't get accomplished, BUT in 2008 IT DID!!! I did it today baby! We rode 7 miles down and 7miles back. Yep, 14 miles. The shuttle does not run during the week but today was the best time to go since there wasn't many people. It only has a 2% grade but boy was coming back hard. It also has trestles you ride over where you are hundreds, hundreds, of feet off the ground.(see pics) And then there are tunnels you ride through. One is almost 2 miles long and nope,folks, there is no light!!!! Wow. What a day! I am so glad I can say I finally did it and I can't wait to get Dan there next year!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Three Sympathy Cards in One Day??

I just mailed out three cards - all sympathy cards and all people died here in Missoula, our little town and I knew of them all in a personal way. And then yesterday I went to a funeral for a man I only met once or twice in passing. I didn't know him, I know his wife. She is a friend. But it is always so hard for me to go to a funeral of a practical stranger and hear everyone talk about how much they impacted their lives or the great things they did. It always makes me sad that I didn't know that person while they were alive. Why didn't I take the time? I know that is how services are supposed to be; that you don't speak ill of the dead ~ but I know these people were everything that people are standing up in the church and claiming. You can tell in the peoples testimonies that these people were extraordinary, they made a difference in our world. So why Lord did you take them so young, so early? With so much life and love to give? Today the Missoulian obituaries were packed with people of all ages. What is going on here?? Dan says that now that we are older we will know more people that die. The circle of life? Is that true?? How depressing...I just want to take a moment again and tell you all to make the most of every day. And get to know people...take time to talk to strangers,neighbors, friends, coworkers...they can be extraordinary, amazing people and can't we all use a little of that in this world? And think about what you want people to say about you at your memorial service???

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Benjamin Story

After one whole week of kindergarten Benjamin can now read. Well, so he says. He came home the other day from school and told Dan and I he learned how to read at school that day. He then proceeded to explain that he can read the words he just reads like Emily and Hannah in his mind. He doesn't need to say the words out loud because he says them in his brain, to himself. Alrighty then!

Yesterday he did come home though pretty proud of himself because he can spell C-A-T. I then taught him how to spell D-O-G too! He thinks he is all that (& a bag of chips!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Will Not Forget

September 11th...I don't think I will ever forget that day...I remember where I was when the Challenger blew up (9th grade ~ St Ben's library) and I am sure at that time I felt sad but, when I think of 9/11 I still get tears in my eyes and it takes me right back to that day. What a horrible, horrible day for our country and how it changed the world. Ever since that day when we say prayers with the kids at night we "God Bless ...(our family)" and then we say "God Bless America", ever since that night. Benjamin grew up knowing nothing different.
Emily and I watched "United 93" this week as they are talking about the attacks at school. It was hard to watch and get back in that frame of mind. After the attacks we didn't have cable or satellite and that was all that was on the major networks, I came home from work and put the tv on and cried. Watching and listening as they found more bodies or told the stories of the heroes from that day. The babies that were not born yet that would never know their Daddies. The story of one man missing the subway and cursing because of it but he was still alive because he would have been in the WTC. I actually went on anti depressants for awhile after that. It was hard. Emily started talking about people flying after that and said she couldn't imagine but she had forgotten that we had to get on a plane within two weeks of the attacks to fly to Erie so she could be the flower girl in Kevin's wedding. I didn't want to, I begged Dan to let me drive the girls and I. He didn't fly with us, he flew in for the weekend. He said it would be safer than ever for us to fly. I told him he didn't love us but, actually who was going to take down a plane going from Missoula, MT to Erie, PA. Realistically, wasn't going to happen.
Also, you cannot think of this day and not think of all the soldiers that are defending and fighting for our freedom and rights every day. The soldiers giving their lives and time away from their families for me, you ~ they don't even know us but they feel it is important thing to do. And it is. I am proud to be an American!!!
I took this picture at the fire station right behind our house about a year ago. I love to see the flag blowing. What a sight...a beautiful sight...Forever in our hearts...We will not forget...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The (Art) Work of the Lord??

Benjamin & Hannah drew these pictures in church on Sunday. For whatever reason they did not have childrens time and boy, is an hour a long time for them to sit, especially our little buddy. Benjamin's pic is a self portrait ~ pretty good job since he wore a blue plaid shirt to church. I could totally tell it was him. Hannah's is just a pic but I told her it looked like "Farmer Dan".
I've been feeling bad when I look at the blog. We do have two daughters you know, but lately it just seems like I only talk about Benjamin. Sshhh...he is my favorite, wink, wink ~ so they think and they don't really do "cute" things anymore. But, Emily & Hannah both are doing well with school starting. New teachers, new friends. They both save the school drama for their mama though! Thanks Girls! You gotta love tween girls!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

GRIZ Football Season is Here

Tis the best time of the year...Griz football
started this weekend!!! Yippee!!! I can't wait for next weekend 'cause that is the 1st home game...I can't wait for the sounds (music, fans cheering, the crashing of helmets), the smells (tailgating), the views (the field from our seats, the big mountains behind us, friends). Bring it on!
On Saturday, Benjamin was the first up and he got all dressed up in his GRIZ clothes. Later in the day he was walking around with his GRIZ helmet on and his GRIZ football and he has "hut, hut, hutting" and tackling Sadie. The GRIZ won(30-28) in the last minute when the Cal Poly kicker missed the field goal. Yes, I kept saying "miss, miss, miss". It was a good weekend for Missoula football. Sentinel & Big Sky high schools won too! I told Dan not to worry the GRIZ would be ok. It was Missoula's weekend, damn, I'm good!
So anyway on Sunday I wake up to this Lego scene in the entryway. I asked Benjamin if it was a football field and he said it was. I told him way to go, good use of your imagination. He tells me it was just in his brain and he just used it. What a smart little boy!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update on the 3 Letter Name

So Benjamin has decided that he will be "Ben" when they have a project

that it is going to take him awhile to do the whole "Benjamin". Tonight I asked him why he is growing up so fast and he told me "mom, I'm all growed up...I drink my milk". I had told him years ago to quit drinking the was helping him grow too fast. Me and my big mouth gave him the idea!!!!! My mouth continues to get me in trouble.

Can I Have a 3 Letter Name?

Benjamin's teacher just told Dan today that they were doing a project in class where they wrote their name and then glued beans around the letters. They had just got started and Benjamin asked Mr Fines if he could have a 3 letter name. B-E-N-J-A-M-I-N was too long! Is he already ready for the BIG change to Ben? I sure hope not, I love my little Benjamin. He is just not a Ben, gosh darn it. We named him Benjamin!!!!! And the other problem is it's only the second week of school and he is already getting so big that he can just change his name. What's next? Is he going to make his own dinner? Wash his own laundry? Get a tattoo?? Why is he doing this to me? Doesn't he still need me...his Momma??
Sorry I've haven't blogged in a few days. I guess my life has just been sooo boring, nothing to report. We had the three day weekend, the weather was very gloomy here and we stayed in and watched all the Pirates of Caribbean movies ~ never had seen them before. Looking forward to hearing what Sarah Palin has to say tonight at the RNC, that's about it. A shout out to my friend Terri Klein...I just found out she checks in on me every now and then. I haven't seen you forever ~ hope all is well.