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Friday, August 22, 2008

In Remembrance Of...

Today would have been Mom's (aka Grandma or Mikie) Birthday. Dan's Mom passed away three years ago in December. Boy, it doesn't seem that long ago we were going through so much with her impending death and all the drama of her "lovely" husband.
Here is a photo of her on her last birthday. Dan made her this beautiful cake and we invited family over to celebrate with her. I think she had a pretty special day. I love this picture of her, she looked so happy!
We may not have always gotten along (well, alot of the time) but she is still missed by us all. We go and see "Grandma in the ground" as Benjamin so sweetly calls her every time we head down to Florence or beyond. There are times when I have a stain I don't know how to get up, I think "I wish I could call Mom" or when we are working on a sewing project, Dan always says "my mom would have loved to be here". I just wish the kids had more and maybe, better, memories of Grandma but it's not going to happen. I need to let go of that wish and be glad for the time they had with her. You can't get back that time, life is short and you must remember that. When she was going through the cancer the Tim McGraw song came out "Live Like You Were Dying", when I hear that song I always think of her. I would love for that to be my motto and make the most of every day! Life is short, live each day to the max!
We know you are looking down on us from heaven! Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma! We miss you!

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