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Friday, October 31, 2008

Binge & Purge ~ It Feels So Good

I've been bingeing and purgeing lately ~ no, not that kind. I have been going through every photo I have in boxes, in rubbermaid containers, in old frames and purgeing. Purgeing the ones that are fuzzy that I will never use. Purgeing the ones that have people in it that I need to purge from my system ~ old boyfriends, friends that turned their back on me when I needed them most, evil people that have been part of our "family". Purgeing the ones that I know are already in two different scrapbooks and a frame. It has felt good. I think everyone could use a little binge and purge from time to time. A cleaning of sorts. I highly recommend it! Happy Purgeing!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Jinxed Myself

Joann's (my step mom in law) daughter noted on facebook last week she was home from work with a sick child. I commented I was jealous because I would love a day at home (aka away from work), even if it meant dealing with a sick child. Well, last night Hannah woke up puking, she didn't tell us though, only woke up her roommate (Emily), as she proceeded to puke in the garbage can and not come up to the bathroom. She was too lazy! So this morning, I was kind of stoked, I know, wrong, right? But I would stay home with Hannah, Dan was heading off to Helena. Well, I wasn't feeling too hot and then Emily calls she feels like she is going to puke and doesn't want to embarrass herself at school and be that middle schooler who puked at school. So I headed off to pick her up. My friend commented to me that maybe I should stop and just get Benjamin on my way back home. I didn't and he was fine! Good thing he had a play date after school with a girl! (at her house) Hopefully, the girls feel better for tomorrow night - trick or treating! They are on the mend and doing well. I am headed off to the job tomorrow ~ ugh!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I want Benjamin's life

Our little buddy has been so funny lately with his realizations. He shouts from his room the other day "ummm, somebody my hamper is really full" which I translate to someone do my laundry. Then this morning I am in the bathroom getting ready for work and he comes in the bathroom with his lunch box and says "um, Mom, I'm having cold lunch today" and shakes his lunchbox "there's no peanut butter and jelly sandwich in here" which I again translate to get your butt in gear and make me my lunch! I wish I would just say my thoughts out loud and they would magically get done! What a world that would be!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Senior Pictures

I finally got to take the kids out to take some pictures in the leaves. We headed to Missoula Alliance Pumpkin Patch first and then out to Greenough Park! Love it there! The colors weren't as vibrant and pretty as I would like but got some great shots. Hannah has decided that is where she is going to get her senior pictures taken (when in like 2017???). Benjamin then said he knew where he was going for his senior pictures, Splash Montana! Emily proceeded to tell him that "oh colleges are going to want you after they see those pictures!". Here are some of the pictures of Hannah posing. I will do a collage later of all the great pics!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Emily is so grounded from the car

Okay, so if you recall "Iris'" (our purple van) reverse went out almost a month ago now. I have done really well when I am driving it to really think through my arrangements for the day, how I am going to park at a location, how I am going to get to a location (if it's a dead end) and so forth. Saturday, Dan had to take "Mike" the green van to Superior. Emily had a soccer tournament and we (the kids & I) would just be around town so we were going to be drving Iris. We had a one hour break and decided to head out for some lunch. We got to the restaurant and there was no other cars in the parking lot, we realized it was only 11:05, but we pulled up and parked and saw they opened at 11. We filed out and had lunch and got back in the car to head off, I buckle up Benjamin and put the keys in, start the car and go to back up. UGH!!! "Umm, guys", I say, "no one reminded Mom not to pull in and park like this...we don't have reverse!" Hannah goes on to explain to me how I SHOULD have parked over along the side, um, thanks Hannah. I realize that, if only someone would have remembered that before we pulled in. I had Emily get behind the wheel and I was going to try to push her back, it's a pretty big parking lot with only two other cars in it and it is flat. I thought if I got her back a bit I could get in and we would drive off. Well, I wasn't able to push all! So I went into the restaurant and grabbed two workers to help. I felt a little weird getting in the drivers seat and making them push me (like I was queen or something) but really nothing was going to happen, right? We got it pushed back and then it rolled forward a little. We told Emily we were going to push back again and we did and then the guy told her to push the brake. Well, Emily doesn't know the brake from the gas pedal. Really what 12 year old does? She pushed the gas pedal and *BOOM* hit one of the two other cars in the lot. UGH!! Everyone was fine and the impact was pretty minimal. The car next to us will need a new back seat passenger door but everything else was fine. In fact, Iris, was not impacted at all. She's a trooper! Stupid #$%%^$### van! We are totally on the look out now for a new, old car. We have to put Iris down...she is going down.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

50 Things I Betcha Didn't Know About Me!

My friend Carrie tagged me to do this. It sure took a whole day of thinking, can be boring to read, can be interesting. Who knows?? I am attaching a photo I found of me when I was 21. Funny! Olan Mills, man, they did some great work, didn't they? And I know - you love the bow!

1. I was raised Catholic
2. I now consider myself a Christian - practicing Presbyterian
3. I have played on the same BUNCO group for 11+ years
4. I had a breast reduction in the early 90's
5. I went to an All Girl High School (9th-11th grade), wore a uniform too!
6. I knew my hubby two weeks before we decided to get married (2 weeks later)
7. I am ADDICTED to Facebook - love it!
8. I have met the Rolling Stones
9. I met George Strait
10. I met Joe Elliott from Def Leppard too
11. I saw Rick Springfield in concert three years ago - awesome!
12. I moved across country with a boyfriend after high school
13. I used to own a bow in almost every color (see pic)
14. I have one cavity (and I only got it in the last few years)
15. I played basketball in high school
16. I was PTA President at the girls' school
17. I am deathly afraid of mice (or rats or hamsters)
18. I was on a bowling league for the last 6 years (average 140)
19. I am on a golf league
20. I don't know my left from my right, unless I do the L on my left hand, Dan taught me that
21. I own $1000s of dollars worth of unused scrapbook supplies
22. I was an Honor Student in high school
23. I played volleyball in high school
24. I hit a boat with my moms car when I was in high school
25. My first concert was the Monkees
26. I have never seen a James Bond 007 movie
27. I am not a cat lover
28. I played soccer in high school
29. I would love to get a degree - but in what and how?
30. I received over 4000 votes in the school board election this year and won a seat on the Missoula County School Board as a trustee
31. I can drive a stick shift
32. I love goober grape (the peanut butter/jelly concoction)
33. My first car was a slug bug (volkswagon bug: smiley the man getter)
34. I always wanted to own a Hallmark shop
35. I've had a mammogram
36. I've been water & snow skiing only once each
37. I am a BIG cry baby
38. I change my purses with the season or color of my outfit
39. I would love to go to the Superbowl, the Olympics, a pro football game - someday
40. I don't know how to text on my cell phone
41. I wear contacts
42. I am a perfectionist
43. I want to see the Oprah show live before she retires
44. I've made love outside (ooo laaa laaa)
45. I love to vacuum - I love to see the lines in the carpet, it's a high
46. I can't play an instrument of any kind
47. I love mayonnaise with my french fries (gross & more fattening, I know)
48. I am the oldest (by 6 years) with two younger sisters
49. I worry I will die young and not see my kids grow up
50. I wish I would read the Bible everyday

Monday, October 13, 2008

Friend For Hire?

Our poor little buddy. Sundays are so lonely for him when we get home from church & soccer. His buddy Jarek usually spends the day at his Grandma's, buddy Jake spends the day with family and the other neighborhood kids stay in. He just wants to play. Yesterday he asked me if he could sell lemonade outside. I explained it was like 45 degrees outside I didn't think people would stop and buy it on such a cold day. He then asked me how to spell partner? I asked why he went on to explain he was going to make a sign and look for a partner to go onto business with and play. He wrote his name on it and $1.00 and then the word "eartner", he thought I said E and not P. (He put Hannah & $2.00 and Emily $3.00 ~ not sure what it all meant but...)He sat up on the corner in his little chair waiting for a friend. He said a girl stopped and looked at his sign and then drove off. I got kind of concerned about him just sitting there with a sign and made him come home. He wasn't too happy with me but guess what ~ Jarek got home and called Benjamin to play so all was right in his world again!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How Will You React?

I love the song "I can only imagine" by Mercy Me. It always gives me chills and makes me so emotional. The other day Emily asked me, while this song was on, why would you dance for Jesus? I looked at her with tears in my eyes and said "Emily, can you imagine what it would be like to have Jesus in front of you? How would you feel or react? Do you have any idea? Would you dance because you would be so filled with awe and joy or would you fall to your knees and ask for forgiveness for your sins?" What would you do?? I personally think I would fall immediately to my knees asking for forgiveness..

I can only imagine
What it will be like
When I walk
By your side

I can only imagine
What my eyes will see
When your face
Is before me
I can only imagine

I can only imagine

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall
Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine

I can only imagine

I can only imagine
When that day comes
And I find myself
Standing in the Son

I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever
Forever worship You
I can only imagine

Fireproof Your Marriage

Please spread the word concerning “Fireproof” to everyone you know! Thanks!

"Fireproof" is coming to Missoula and will be shown exclusively at the Carmike 10 on North Reserve for only 3 days. There will be a 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm showing on October 24, 25 & 26!

"Fireproof" opened in about 800 theaters across the nation the end of September and last weekend was rated #8 in the nation!

Michael Burks at Garden of Read’n has generously led the way to purchase the tickets required to bring this movie to town. So now our responsibility is to buy those tickets and spread the word to as many people as you know. You can purchase your tickets by going to Garden of Read’n or by going to their website. Tickets can only be purcahsed at Garden of Read'n and are $7.50 each.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Tribute To The Best Dog Ever

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Saturday evening I read "Jasper's Day" to Benjamin. It's a book about a dog named Jasper that has cancer and needs to be put down. They take a day and celebrate Jasper and do everything he would like to do, then the Dad takes him to the vets to be put to sleep. Benjamin and I did not make it through the book without sobbing. We then decided Sunday would be Sebastian Day. No begging from the table; we would feed him our food. He could go with us to the soccer games and just be with us all day. Sebastian's favorite thing has always been to just be with us. We took him to the soccer fields and everyone came over to see the cute puppy. We had to explain he is an old man; 16 + years old = 112 in dog years. Then Benjamin would blurt out "he's a good dog but tomorrow he is going to die". We would then have to explain what today was all about. It was a hard day. Sebastian was just so happy all day, because he was with us. Dan and I both discussed backing out of our appointment and keeping him alive longer but then we would remember he has been going potty in the house, his eyes are almost all glossed over and he hasn't been eating well. This has been the hardest decision we have ever made. It was a very rough day and I am sure there are more to come. Dan and I realized we got Sebastian about 5 months after we got married, the kids have never known anything different. I think about anyone that has ever been to our house knows and loved Sebastian. He was a good dog. As he was laying in Dan's arms this afternoon I told Dan I couldn't remember anything bad he had ever done (I mean I know there was like a $65 pair of new sneakers he chewed up years ago) but at that moment all I could think about was that none of that meant anything to me. Dan then reminded me of how Sebastian was a digger. I had totally forgot about that. We used to tease him he was trying to dig his way to China! The experience at the vets was, I guess the most pleasant, it could be. It probably didn't hurt that the vet is a friend of ours. It was quick and painless and then our first baby was gone. On the way home I asked Dan if Sebastian would tell the others in heaven he had a good life with us. Dan said he would, I said you sure he doesn't still blame us for bringing home three babies, a cat and a BIG chocolate lab to annoy him when we could have given all our love and attention to just him! When Dan got home he let Sadie smell and see Sebastian's collar (Emily wanted it). Sadie smelled it and went down in her kennel. Did she know what happened? It will be strange not hearing his tap dancing on the kitchen floor every morning or his growling at Sadie for trying to love him. Yes, life in the Hirning household will be different without our little friend. He was the best dog ever! We will miss you forever Sebastian!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Just to verify...

Emily now states that I am 2 years over middle aged. Middle aged starts at 35. Just in case you wondered what 12 yr olds are thinking of us "older" folks. I didn't ask her if that meant Daddy was on deaths door since he is the BIG 40!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is 37 Middle Aged??

Emily is telling Hannah and I yesterday about an assembly they had at school yesterday. Hannah asked her how old the performers were and Emily says probably middle aged. I asked what age that was and she said my age. What???? I then asked Dan what he thought was middle aged and he said "probably my age", he is now 40. Am I that close to middle aged???

On another note, Hannah was babbling the other day (she does that so often) and one thing I really got out of it was how she explained to me how they don't always like me taking pictures of them and pictures of the things they do all the time but she said they sure love to look at the pictures and see the scrapbooks. Warmed my heart I tell ya.

I got my first call from the principal yesterday. Benjamin bit a classmate at recess. Yikes. I told her he doesn't do that (what parent doesn't say that) normally. He has only bitten someone when they are either being playful or someone has really pissed him off. So on our walk from the bus I asked him what happened at school today and he said "Mom, Finn & me just hate eachother". I proceeded to tell him that if that is true they should stay away from eachother and that biting is not acceptable behavior. Later as we were making a picture/apology for Finn, Benjamin starts wondering if Finn is making him one. I asked why that would be because you bit him. He looks at me perplexed and says "Because he punched me". Well, I wasn't told that by the principal.

We found out "Iris" will cost between $1700-$2300 for repair so...We are in search of a new (old) car for us. Can't wait to watch the vp debates tonight and see what is said.