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Friday, August 1, 2008

It's A Dogs Life

Dan asked me last night around 8pm if I wanted to go fishing with him, he said we would take Sadie with us and let her play in the river. I wasn't too excited about it but what the heck. Sadie was so annoying in the van (we do not have the right vehicle to transport that beast in) she tries to get to the window so she sticks her nose/mouth between my arm & the window and my arm gets Sadie droll all over it (it's so nasty!!!). Well, let's just say the experience was not too positive for me. The spot Dan goes to you have to trek in through swampy land, sand, grass up to my hips, over train tracks, etc... and then the mosquitos (we even sprayed all up) just feasted on my legs. Well, it was a positive because I got to spend some alone time with my honey and it is fun to watch Sadie just have so much fun fetching things in the water. That girl is a trooper! I wish I could love exercise the way she does!!!
Funny Benjamin story from last night:
B: mom can I have dessert. I really need dessert
M: I don't know. Did you ask Daddy?
B: Yeah, but he said "no". I really want you to say "yes"
My little boy - a player!!

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