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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm An Original, yep! I just knew it!

I am stealing todays blog from my pal, Angela. She found a site where you can see how many people in the good old USA have your name. I've always been told that I am an original and now it is official!!!! Check it out for yourself it's fun at

On a side note, groove is in my heart again. I reported that I had lost my ipod at the lake on Saturday. My honey, my hero, my Dan, found my ipod in the back of his van last night under some chairs and water shoes. (I did look, I swear) Thanks honey!

Oh yeah and on another side note, congrats to the Kunik's (my dear friend from Erie, PA) who will be bringing another little one into this world at the end of the year. Kevin, you are making Catholic families proud!!!! Love ya guys!

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