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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Go Back

How can one song just put you back in time?? On the way back from lunch today The Cure's - Just Like Heaven was on in the car and I was immediately right back to my senior year in high school, I could almost even smell Lake Erie. It's like that Kenny Chesney song - I Go Back. I go back so often and I just love how a song can do that.

I've had this idea in my head for the last few years to do a scrapbook album called The Soundtrack of My Life. I've been making a list of songs that really take me back; ("Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder reminds me of when my sister Julie was born. I don't know why but when I hear it I think of being a little 6yr old. The song "Key Largo" by Berttie Higgins reminds me of my Dad, again not sure why but it does. "Crazy for you" by Madonna brings me back to my first boyfriend and there are so many more songs). I want to use 45s and cover them up with cool paper and try to put a picture of me possibly or the other person in that time frame and why it takes me back. Again, I just love how a song can do that.

What song does that for you??

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just another day in Paradise

I am at work today putting in another 8 hours, this is my 8th day in a row of working 8 hours! (wow! lots of 8s there). Nothing really to report today. Dan & Benjamin are driving to Bozeman to meet Grandpa to bring Hannah home. Our family will be complete again!!! I dropped off the new Hannah album I made this w/e to the fair last night to enter it in the competition. Not that the ribbon means alot but it is kind of fun to enter and have people see my work. I golfed last night on league too. I golfed a BIG 77, yipee, wait I think the lower the number the better the golfer (and I only golfed 8 holes). Emily is supposed to head to Splash with Nicole but I don't know if the weather will cooperate today it looks like rain! I have a school board committee meeting at lunch for personel & negotiations, hey I get a FREE lunch for it. Doesn't that just make it all worth it? Not really!! Hopefully, I'll have something more exciting to report next time. Have a great day everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In the cheap seats

Last night the Osprey had family night; 4 tickets (in general admission), 4 hot dogs, 4 pops, 4 bags of chips for $25. We adopted Abby to make our family complete since Hannah is still with G&G. Benjamin thought he was BIG stuff because he finally didn't run away from Ollie (the mascot that he continued to call Wall-E) and high fived him EVERY time he walked by. Abby and Emily did what tweenagers do & played with Abby's cell phone most of the night. We also saw this really hot usher I had to take a pic of! Oh by the way, the Osprey won (8-1).

Sunday, July 27, 2008

a scrapbooker again...yipee!

It's official, I can call myself a scrapbooker again. I scrapped a little book for my Baby Girl & I finally did Emily's page I've had on my brain forever. Let's see how long it takes me to get back into that room next time. Hopefully, this week. We'll see. It feels good!

Like the olden days

It was just like the olden days this w/e as it was just me & my little buddy hanging out. Both nights we went to the water park and had a picnic dinner and played. Benjamin didn't take any pics of me playing though so I will just let you see some of him. It sure looks like one of us was having fun.

Friday, July 25, 2008

"The Last Lecture"

I am so sad right now, I just read where Randy Pausch died today. Randy Pausch was the Carnegie Mellon professor who became a sensation after he gave his "Last Lecture". His book is one I just finished this summer, Dan just finished a few weeks ago and Emily is currently reading. Dan actually just watched it this week on line, it took about 1 1/2 hours but he said it was great. We really suggest reading the book!
Randy had pancreatic cancer and knew he was dying. He was 47 and leaves behind 3 little kids and a wife. I &*$%#@+ hate cancer! God bless the Pausch family and their loss! Thank you Randy for all you gave.

On The Road With Hannah

On their drive to Billings, Grandpa stopped and took a pic of Hannah. Hannah wasn't sure, really what she was standing in. Take a look at the pics and you can see. Pretty cool!
Hannah seems to be having fun in Billings (without us). Emily, Benjamin and I went to Downtown Tonight for dinner and some entertainment, we then stopped off and visited with Kathi. Emily noted on the way home "it was nice visiting with Kathi, we hardly ever see her anymore". It was fun! Dan worked the Osprey game and they actually won!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

She loves me, she loves me, she really, really loves me.
Okay, so yesterday, Dan, Em & Benjammin took Hannah to Great Falls to meet up with Grandpa (Hannah will be spending some time with Grandma & Grandpa in Billings). They took their fishing poles to stop on their way home. Emily found a rock in the river that looks like a heart. Here is how the conversation goes once she gets home with it:
E - (throws down rock next to me) here I found this for you, it's a heart (walks away)
M - cool, it kinda looks like a boomerang too
E - it's a heart
M - you love me, don't you?
E - yeah, whatever (see she does...hee hee)
(gotta love Emily)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Uppercase Living Catalog

The new Uppercase Living catalog is out and I am excited. There is bunches of new fun things, we now have accessories and new colors. Cool, cool!!! Check it out at, token: Hirning, DEM ID#444889. Let me know if you would like to see a catalog or need to order anything!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Hands

My hands look old. Why do my hands look old (or older)? Does my face and body match that?? I've just noticed lately that when I look at my hands they look like they've aged. Sometimes if I spot them at the right moment they remind me of my mom's hands. I have mixed feelings about that. I mean sometimes I am still that bratty teenager and don't want to be like my mom but then sometimes I think about all her hands have done and I know my hands haven't done any kind of work like that. (I am more of a boss someone around and get it done or pay someone to do it). I don't do the "hard" stuff that my mom can. But still I am 37 why do my hands look old??? But then I think about it; my hands have held Dan's for almost 15 years, my hands have held my beautiful babies, my hands have put band aids on their little "ouwies", my hands have created hundreds of scrapbooked memories for my family to enjoy and treasure, my hands have wrapped lots of presents, my hands have held friends hands when they needed me...The more I think about it maybe my hands have had quite a life in their 37 years, maybe they deserve their "aged" look. Maybe it's ok, when I look at my hands and think of all they have done and what they still will accomplish. I'm proud of my hands...I think I'll keep them.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I still miss you

Today is two years since our good, well best, family friend passed away of cancer. It is still hard to think about, just last week I was telling a co-worker about being with Autumn towards the end of her life and I was crying (as I am now) talking about it. I still have to wonder too what was God's reasoning. They needed her in heaven but there is still sooo many people here on Earth that really need her. She was the best and I am glad that I got to go home and be with her one last time. I cherish those days of just sitting with her, talking with her, rubbing her legs, painting her toenails, just the little things but you know the thing was it was always the little things with Autumn. As long as I had known her, she wasn't fancy or needing to impress people, she was just her sassy self and , God, do I miss her. I'm thinking of you and I still miss you so much, Autumn.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where Does the time go?

Friday night we had a Family Night and B, H, Dan and I went and had pizza for dinner and rented a movie we could all watch together (in our little movie theater). We chose College Road Trip. Em was out with some friends but got home as we were just starting the movie. It was a cute movie and even kept Benjamin's attention. Dan and I kept teasing Emily that could be her & daddy in a few years, she kept saying she wasn't going on a College Road Trip with Daddy but the thing is this really is in our near future. She will be starting 7th grde next month and before you know it she will be in high school and graduating. It totally has me thinking to cherish every minute with her (even when she is being her tweenager self). Where did my Baby Emily go????
Saturday the girls and I went and saw Mamma Mia, it was pretty good. Entertaining. But the theme again was her 20 yr old daughter growing up and getting married. So that was kind of a downer again. Then got home and Dan and I hit the movie theater to see Hancock. I am movie theatered out!!
Sunday has just kind of had a lazy day but I did wash the cars and Dan made a yummy lasagna dinner with homemade italian bread. The kids played outside most of the days with neighbors and Emily spent the day watching tv or reading. It was nice not to have to run...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Let The Summer Officially Begin

Well, how weird but our summer is officially beginning today. NO more softball practices or games, no more running around or carpooling, we are done. The Girls played a great game last night and won 9-8, this morning they played for District and lost 5-4 to Mullan Trail (Frenchtown). Frenchtown 10 runned every other team except we gave them a run for their money (where did that talk come from??) and lost to them 11-9 (Tuesday) and then 5-4 (today). Oh well, it must have been meant to be. So here we go...we will start enjoying hanging out at home and such. Benjamin was so excited on the way home today after the game, he must have really understood, that he could invite friends over to play and just be home and no more running. Yippee!!!! Let summer begin...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Misc Pics From the Last Week

All Star Update: Emily's team won 10-0, Districts tomorrow at 5:30.

Here are some pics from the last week. Hannah pitching in her All Star game, water park fun, Benjamin wearing his 3D glasses from Journey to the Center of the Earth (he thinks they are his sunglasses), Mount Sentinel after the fire, Gibson park in GF, Lake Couer d'Alene.

Also, thank you Lord for bringing Dan home to us safely. Daddy is home, yeah!

That Hannah

I have to tell this funny Hannah story. Last night at dinner, Benjamin was just talking, talking and Hannah in her own Hannah way, quietly says "I think Benjamin was so cute as a baby." Pause. "He couldn't talk then". No smile, no nothing. Hannah just observing life, you gotta love Hannah. She lives in her own little world, but I think everyone there likes her.

All Star Update - Emily's team has 2 wins and 1 loss thus far. Another game this afternoon, but, first we pick up Daddy from the airport, yeah!!!! Emily has had a couple of really good hits. If their team is in the Top 4 they will play tomorrow afternoon again and then if they win that they will play Friday morning for the District Championship, then if they win that they head to Billings for State next Monday & Tuesday! Go Mt Sentinel!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The "OUCH" Mommy Moment

Last night when I put Benjamin to bed I explained to him that when he woke up in the morning I wouldn't be home, so if he needed something to go wake up his sisters. He said "why Mommy?" in his sweet little voice and I told him I had to go to work in the morning but that I would be home after lunch. He looked at me with his BIG beautiful eyes with tears in them and said "but Mommy who will pour my cereal?". OUCH! It broke my heart, he is right. I should quit my job so I can pour his cereal and get him anything else he needs, right?? That is what Mommys do, that's our job. Does anyone have a job I can do from home making BIG bucks, wait aren't we all looking for that? It's just so hard...this working & Mommy thing, how do so many of you do it? It's just so hard...

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Start of Something New

It seems like so much has happened in the last 4 days since I last "blogged". We went to Great Falls and obviously returned, that was Saturday. Hannah's team lost, lost. But not without a good fight, Hannah pitched some and did great! Instead of just leaving GF as soon as we got up we headed to the duck park and their H2O park and we all had a blast there and then came home. Yesterday we then got back in the van and drove to Couer d'Alene Idaho to the beautiful beach there with Nani & McKayla, had dinner and headed back to Missoula. Emily's games start today. Dan made it safely to FL and is hanging out with the mom-in-law & sis-in-law. I of course have tons of pics but right now will just include Emily's All Star one. Have a great day, I am headed off to sit in the stands in Bonner for the day cheerin' on my all star.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Man...Dan

Today, my man Dan turns the BIG 40 (OMG, I can't believe I am married to a 40 yr old) and he is about 2,000 miles away. We just want to wish you a happy birthday honey, hope you like the slide show, it took me hours to get just right (and it still isn't right!!). We love you!!!! Have a great day! We will see you soon. (NOTE: Dan's birthday is the 10th, I hoped if I saved it from yesterday that it would post the day it was posted & not saved...still alot to learn)

You're An All Star, Get Your Game On, Go Play!

Well, the kids and I head out tomorrow morning, hoping to get on the road by noon for Hannah's 6 o'clock game. (I have so much to do in the morning so pray it all goes smoothly). We are headed to Great Falls to watch our little All Star PLAY BALL!!! I decorated the windows of "Iris" (our purple van) about the girls and All Stars and such and they came home from practice last night and were so excited. Emilys says "Mom, Iris is our BIGGEST fan). We will be there till Sunday and then head home to watch Emily play next week across town. Keep us in your thoughts and all the girls for safe games (it wouldn't hurt if you put in a little request for us to win, win too). Blessings to all!!!

Dan's The BIG 40

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He's Leaving on A Jet Plane

Dan left today for CT for QSP's Summer Meeting, he will be there till Saturday and then he will fly to FL for our family vacation, well, we won't be there but that was the plan when he planned the trip a month and 1/2 ago, till Wednesday. The girls now have All Star Tournaments for Softball and I will be sitting in the hot sun in Great Falls for four days and then Bonner for three days. He says he would rather be with us but I think he should have a good time once he gets to his destinations! I think he is lucky and I would rather be getting on an airplane and headed for somewhere different. If you don't know my mom lives in Florida so Dan will be spending time with the mom-in-law. Thank goodness they get along!!! Please pray for all of us as we travel and are away!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Many, Many Thanks To Our Little Village

It really does take a village to raise a child and I just want to take this moment to thank all of our friends that step up when needed. There are too many too list (or I am afraid I might also forget someone) but you all step up and watch Benjamin or get Hannah home from practice or let Emily stay over when we need to head out for the weekend (or even help with those mutts of ours). I say thank you, I may even get you a little gift, but I want to just really send this post out to you and know that you are so appreciated! We love you and couldn't do it without you! We owe you! You are helping make our kids better people too! Blessings to you all - you know who you are!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Flathead Lake Fun

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Flathead Lake Fun

All I can say is we had a blast up at Flathead Lake this w/e. Thank you to the Druyvesteins!!! Sorry I will probably post way too many pics (I only took about 200) but there was so much fun and new experiences to be had. (and we had them!!!). I am so glad Emily has set the goal to be ultra rich and successful when she grows up and own property on Flathead because my butt will be there all the time even though she tells me it won't since I won't be paying the rent. I reminded her that Daddy and I pay the rent where her butt currently resides so she better watch it. Oh by the way if you didn't realize Emily is back with us (tweenager attitude and all). Boy did we miss her!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Fireworks)

So we continue on with our party it up while Emily is gone to camp. Benjamin, Hannah & I hit the Osprey Baseball game last night, we got to visit with Daddy who is an usher there. I should have taken a pic of him in his uniform!! (why didn't I? note to self: stop misisng out of memory making shots you BIG dork). The main reason we went to this game was because they have a free fireworks show afterwards, the problem is though you have to sit and watch the whole game!! (Osprey:not so good). Thank goodness we saw lots of friends there to visit with, especially in the snow cone line since we were there about an hour. I left the two to go to the Mommy concession stand and when I came back Benjamin was like "MOM THAT'S A BEER" I explained I knew, he asked me "Mom, do girls like beer?". I said "yes", I didn't explain how some girls I know like beer a little TOO much. (say...Vicki). Anyway, the fireworks show was awesome to be so close too. It was loud though. My new camera that Dan got me for Christmas has a fireworks button so I was excited to try it out. Well as you can see, it doesn't work that well. I should play with it a little more today and maybe get some good shots tonight. Dan is working the Dierks Bentley concert tonight, Em still gone and H, B & I are headed to the Muellers for the yearly gig. Tomorrow we are headed up to the Druyvestein's cabin on Flathead for the rest of the w/e!!! Fun, Fun!!! Be safe, have fun, don't drink & drive and remember the men and women fighting for our freedom (and that of others) today!!! God Bless America!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

For the love of our piggies!!

Hannah's First Pedicure. I think she had fun. Here she is in the massaging chair, reading a magazine, having some one rub her feet. Now that is the life. Boy, did we party it up while Emily's away at camp. Hopefully, she doesn't read this and get any ideas for the first week of August when Hannah goes away to camp. But I guess I am always game for a pedicure; but is my checkbook???

Hannah's Birthday Sleepover Party

Here is a pic of Hannah's birthday party. It has become tradition to now wait for Emily to go to camp before we have Hannah's party. That way that meddling sister won't get in the way. The annoying brother went for a little sleepover of his own and it was all about Hannah!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where Did It Go?

So a couple of years ago Benjamin realized in the bath one night that he had "two balls" by his wee wee. He had a lot of questions about them and Daddy talked to him about them helping him one day to have babies. Benjamin then walked around and talked about his "babies" and such. Well fast forward to yesterday and at breakfast Benjamin announced to me that one of his babies is gone (grabs himself) and tells me it it growing in his belly. Did I want to feel it? Not really. It was going to grow and he was going to name it Cuzie and then when he has a girl he is going to name it Suzie. I told Dan the story last night and he felt I should look to make sure nothing is missing and that he is okay but I think he's okay. Just a little goofy!