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Friday, August 15, 2008

10 Things I WANT & WANT right now...

1. To lose 50 really do it by eating right and exercising. NO mind games

2. To remember to send out birthday cards, thank yous, anniversary cards...hey, I guess atleast you all get something from me in the mail at Christmas time. Right?

3. Like $30,000. I don't have to win the big lottery and become a millionaire. I just would like to pay all my bills and have a little comfort zone, a nice savings account...

4. To sell our house...I do...I don't want the stress of struggling to pay the bills and not doing fun things because we are married to our house...I just want to be married to Dan ~ my honey

5. My hair to grow...ugh!...need I say more

6. A couple extra hours in every day to either finish the Stephenie Meyer books or to spend with my family

7. GRIZ football games...bring on September 13th...I can't wait

8. World Peace...duh!

9. The David Cook CD to come out

& 10. A diet pepsi...but, that I'm gonna get right now. Aahhhh!

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