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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Out Running Ollie Osprey

Benjamin got a special treat for Sunday nights Osprey Game. Daddy signed him up for the beat Ollie around the bases gig. Dan had said next time we went to a game he would sign Benjamin up , I told him I wasn't going to another Osprey game, as you recall they aren't very good. But, Sunday night was Employee Night so Dan got free tickets for the kids and I so, fine, I'll go. Benjamin woke up Sunday morning and right away put on his tennis shoes, because he can run so fast in them. He was ready to go all day and the game didn't start till 5!!!! Ollie was taunting him before the game but Benjamin wouldn't give in, he told Ollie he was going to beat him, he was wearing his fast shoes, duh!? He was so excited when the time came, he ran out on the field and started at home and went didn't even deter him when Ollie stopped to play light sabers with another employee on the field. Benjamin, of course, beat Ollie and he got a "I Out Ran Ollie Osprey" tshirt. He is pretty proud of that shirt, he even wore it to bed. Afterwards he was thirsty for some water, it was about 95' so pretty understandable. I love our little guy!!!

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