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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can I Have a 3 Letter Name?

Benjamin's teacher just told Dan today that they were doing a project in class where they wrote their name and then glued beans around the letters. They had just got started and Benjamin asked Mr Fines if he could have a 3 letter name. B-E-N-J-A-M-I-N was too long! Is he already ready for the BIG change to Ben? I sure hope not, I love my little Benjamin. He is just not a Ben, gosh darn it. We named him Benjamin!!!!! And the other problem is it's only the second week of school and he is already getting so big that he can just change his name. What's next? Is he going to make his own dinner? Wash his own laundry? Get a tattoo?? Why is he doing this to me? Doesn't he still need me...his Momma??
Sorry I've haven't blogged in a few days. I guess my life has just been sooo boring, nothing to report. We had the three day weekend, the weather was very gloomy here and we stayed in and watched all the Pirates of Caribbean movies ~ never had seen them before. Looking forward to hearing what Sarah Palin has to say tonight at the RNC, that's about it. A shout out to my friend Terri Klein...I just found out she checks in on me every now and then. I haven't seen you forever ~ hope all is well.


go mom go said...

You watch the RNC too?
It's so hard when our babies grow up. I cry every time a string is cut. My heart wants to hold on to them forever.
Jesslyn hates her name. I call her Jesslyn at school and the kids in her class will correct me and say, "No, it's Jessie". I know what her name is dang it. I named her and she's Jesslyn to me.

Michele said...

Well, at least yours gets on & off of the bus, this school thing is killing me! Logan wants to be called Lasor Logan so I'd even settle for his shorten name, wait hmmmm. I have to admit I like his full name better, on most kids for that matter.

Terri said...

Yes I do check in on you!!! I also found out that you work with my friend Bonnie!! She is a kick! I have been so stressed with school and I am avoiding doing my work right now so I am catching up on everybody's blog! Hope all is well with you!