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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Baby's Going To Kindergarten...What do I Do?

Okay, the kids are in bed and school starts in what? 11 hours. The girls are excited and a little anxious, Hannah what line to get in and Emily what homeroom does she have?? They'll be fine, it's that little guy I'm worried about. My little guy is expected, not tomorrow (tomorrow he and I go to school for an hour and meet his teacher and see his class & classmates), but the next day, to get on the bus and ride it to school, get off the bus, get into his classroom, put away his stuff in a locker, sit down and listen, eat lunch, play, recess, go potty, learn, be nice to others...and so much more BUT without me! I am crying just thinking about it!! He is too little! I know this is his dream come true to be just like his sisters and be a BIG boy but this is different. He is my baby. My Baby Boy! My heart is just breaking. What if he runs away at recess and they can't find him? What then? What if he doesn't eat his lunch and then gets hungry 1/2 hour later? What then? How about if he gets off the bus and runs into an oncoming car?? (I know cars have to stop when a bus is letting off kids, but he doesn't. He is only 5) What then?? What if some 2nd grader is mean to him and he starts to cry? What then? (well, I'll have to go to school and open up a can of you know what on that kid and then charges may be filed, I guess). But, anyway,where did my Baby go?? Tomorrow I am not going to work since we only have 1 hour of kindergarten and I was planning on getting some things done around the house after our lunch date at McDonalds but I think I am just going to love on my little boy, play with him, read to him and did I mention love on him and anything he wants. This is our last day, just he and I, like the good old days. I am going to take advantage of it! I am going to spend it with my baby, my boy, my joy!

Here are some pics I have taken of him in the last two weeks at sleep. My boy plays and sleeps so hard these days. But, come on, how can anyone this little go to school all day? This is why I voted against all day kindergarten...this is why

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robyn odegaard said...

Hi. Just decided to check out your blog and the Kenny Chesney song "Don't Blink" is kicking my ass! I sure didn't need to hear that today. I feel your kindergarten pain, sister. Last spring, my baby girl pleaded with me not to make her go to kindergarten at all, much less all day, and yeserday she bounded out of bed and raced to get there. This morning, standing in line with a backpack almost as big as her on her back, her lunchbox in one hand and her "science object" in the other, she informed me that she couldn't kiss me good-bye because she was too excited. I still snuck a quick one on her cheek and was glad I was wearing sunglasses. Then, after I watched her walk into the school without even a glance back at me, I zipped around to try and see my giant first grader, but he'd already gone in. Yesterday, when I left him in his classroom, he had the total deer in the headlights look about him, but when I picked him up, he said "I love first's everything I wanted it to be" I had no idea he wanted it to be anything. What do I know? Anyway, now I am a little weepy. I am glad that my kids are excited...I'd rather have them love it than have me pushing them into it. I also never wanted to be one of those moms who can't figure out how to have her own life because she lives for her kids and even though I think I have my own life, I realize that I have pretty much been fitting it around theirs for the last almost seven years. OY! Anyway, I just wanted to say I like your blog and now I've said soooo much more. I'm done now :)