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Sunday, August 31, 2008

There Goes My Life

Last week was hard on this Mommy. Not just giving my little boy up to the school system for a full day BUT putting him on a bus. There were so many things I couldn't assume he knew and I had to explain to him. One being, just because a bunch of your friends from the neighborhood are on the bus and you weren't wearing a seatbelt you still had to stay seated and listen to the bus driver. Well, he was so excited about the bus. We get there way early every morning because he is ready to go. The first day he comes bouncing off the bus, he had to goooooo. I emailed his teacher that maybe the next day he should try to make him go potty before he gets on the bus. That worked better. Also, with tears in my eyes I asked him how the bus ride was and he says, "good. that bus driver is a crazy driver." That night at dinner as we were talking about their days, Hannah asked Benjamin "buddy, what was your favorite part of the day?" Benjamin takes a minute to reflect and comes back with "the BUS. those boys on there are so funny."

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Have Not Nor Will I Ever Walk Into a Hooters Restaurant!

Today I am going to rant & rave and I know a lot of people will think I am weird or a little over the top with this blog. But, I have not nor will I ever walk into a Hooters Restaurant. And I like wings but I'm sorry their wings cannot be that great to have to degrade women. Oh, I know those women don't mind being degraded, whatever. That's a load of you know what! And to set the record straight I know I would never be hired there with my body type but that's not why I loathe Hooters. I also know sex sells but that doesn't mean I am okay with that American way either. I will never let my daughters or my son think I approve of an establishment where women have to show off their physical attributes and not their brains, I bet they all still have to write down the orders. We just had one open here and I have already been asked by some girlfriends to check it out. I won't...EVER. I just can't do it. Our bodies are our bodies, a gift from God, for our spouses not for everyone else to oogle at and to help you get bigger tips. I don't know I have a real problem with it. Oh, and I love when you see a little boy wearing a Hooters tshirt. Classy! The funny thing to is that they advertise themselves as a family establishment, I'm laughing just thinking about it. It doesn't help that I know the owner and he is chauvinist, sexist pig either. If I want good wings I'll have my honey make me some. Anyone want to join me for some "family wings"? Come on over

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The First Day Went Off Without A Hitch

...well, except Emily was late for school (she wanted a ride) because Benjamin & Mommy slept in late. Her mom, the School Board Trustee, couldn't get her to school on time. Oh, well!!!
Benjamin and I played in kindergarten for an hour and met his teacher, saw his classroom, sang a song, read a story & saw his classmates. Tomorrow is his big day!
Hannah and Emily had great first days. Neither really have "friends" in their classes but enjoyed their teachers and I think getting back into the swing of things.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Baby's Going To Kindergarten...What do I Do?

Okay, the kids are in bed and school starts in what? 11 hours. The girls are excited and a little anxious, Hannah what line to get in and Emily what homeroom does she have?? They'll be fine, it's that little guy I'm worried about. My little guy is expected, not tomorrow (tomorrow he and I go to school for an hour and meet his teacher and see his class & classmates), but the next day, to get on the bus and ride it to school, get off the bus, get into his classroom, put away his stuff in a locker, sit down and listen, eat lunch, play, recess, go potty, learn, be nice to others...and so much more BUT without me! I am crying just thinking about it!! He is too little! I know this is his dream come true to be just like his sisters and be a BIG boy but this is different. He is my baby. My Baby Boy! My heart is just breaking. What if he runs away at recess and they can't find him? What then? What if he doesn't eat his lunch and then gets hungry 1/2 hour later? What then? How about if he gets off the bus and runs into an oncoming car?? (I know cars have to stop when a bus is letting off kids, but he doesn't. He is only 5) What then?? What if some 2nd grader is mean to him and he starts to cry? What then? (well, I'll have to go to school and open up a can of you know what on that kid and then charges may be filed, I guess). But, anyway,where did my Baby go?? Tomorrow I am not going to work since we only have 1 hour of kindergarten and I was planning on getting some things done around the house after our lunch date at McDonalds but I think I am just going to love on my little boy, play with him, read to him and did I mention love on him and anything he wants. This is our last day, just he and I, like the good old days. I am going to take advantage of it! I am going to spend it with my baby, my boy, my joy!

Here are some pics I have taken of him in the last two weeks at sleep. My boy plays and sleeps so hard these days. But, come on, how can anyone this little go to school all day? This is why I voted against all day kindergarten...this is why

One Last "Splash"

The kids and I headed with the Nolan's (Grace & Benjamin NEEDed a playdate) to Splash Montana for one last dip. It was like 92 degrees out and was just perfect. Benjamin had a blast getting me wet every chance he could on the Lazy River. Hannah and Ellie ended up running into Ellie DeVos too so they all had fun playing. Emily just knew she would know someone at Splash (she is so popular) and she did ~ Abby Bardwick, so they hung out. It was a great time! Kind of makes me sad to see summer go. Today the weather here is going to be 67 and rainy ~ oh, fall is coming.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Thursday night we let Emily have a Movie Night and invite a few friends over. She invited 9 kids and 7 could make it. We thought two and 1/2 hours would be perfect, well, it might have been an hour over our limit. (hee hee) Boy, a bunch of tweens was really no different than the birthday party we had for Benjamin this year with 8 little 5 yr old boys running loose in the house. We thought the first 15 minutes or so we would let them get reaquainted after the summer break and then we had popcorn and soda and tried to get them to settle down and watch "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". They didn't watch too quietly, Dan & I think they probably missed some really great parts but they were having fun. Afterwards, there was chocolate cupcakes for Connor Corneil's birthday (& girl Connor is celebrating a bday next week) and after the running and screaming through out the house the Mommies & Daddies came and picked up their BIG ones. Phew!! What a night! But, that night as we were saying prayers Emily thanked me for giving her the idea and letting her have the party. She said it was really great!! Made my day!

Friday, August 22, 2008

In Remembrance Of...

Today would have been Mom's (aka Grandma or Mikie) Birthday. Dan's Mom passed away three years ago in December. Boy, it doesn't seem that long ago we were going through so much with her impending death and all the drama of her "lovely" husband.
Here is a photo of her on her last birthday. Dan made her this beautiful cake and we invited family over to celebrate with her. I think she had a pretty special day. I love this picture of her, she looked so happy!
We may not have always gotten along (well, alot of the time) but she is still missed by us all. We go and see "Grandma in the ground" as Benjamin so sweetly calls her every time we head down to Florence or beyond. There are times when I have a stain I don't know how to get up, I think "I wish I could call Mom" or when we are working on a sewing project, Dan always says "my mom would have loved to be here". I just wish the kids had more and maybe, better, memories of Grandma but it's not going to happen. I need to let go of that wish and be glad for the time they had with her. You can't get back that time, life is short and you must remember that. When she was going through the cancer the Tim McGraw song came out "Live Like You Were Dying", when I hear that song I always think of her. I would love for that to be my motto and make the most of every day! Life is short, live each day to the max!
We know you are looking down on us from heaven! Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma! We miss you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm An Original, yep! I just knew it!

I am stealing todays blog from my pal, Angela. She found a site where you can see how many people in the good old USA have your name. I've always been told that I am an original and now it is official!!!! Check it out for yourself it's fun at

On a side note, groove is in my heart again. I reported that I had lost my ipod at the lake on Saturday. My honey, my hero, my Dan, found my ipod in the back of his van last night under some chairs and water shoes. (I did look, I swear) Thanks honey!

Oh yeah and on another side note, congrats to the Kunik's (my dear friend from Erie, PA) who will be bringing another little one into this world at the end of the year. Kevin, you are making Catholic families proud!!!! Love ya guys!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"I can see, I can see", says the blind Emily

Took Emily this morning to have her eyes checked. It had been two years (bad Mommy, I know). She's been squinting for a long time but in my defense she does have a pair of glasses that you hardly, if ever, see her in. Seriously! This spring we went to her parent/teacher conferences with her and she had her glasses on and her teacher says "nice glasses, Emily. Did you just get them?". She had been in school for 6 months!!!! UGH!!!

Well, the doctor couldn't believe it. Emily couldn't even see the biggest letter, without covering both eyes. Her eye sight was horrible!!!!!! We are going to attempt contacts. She had to put them in and take them out before we could leave (I thought oh great! I need to get to work some time today) but she did pretty good. We even ordered a new pair of glasses (minus the scratches). On our drive home she couldn't believe all the signs, the "crispness of the leaves on the trees", just how everything looked! Oh!!! She was even excited that she would be able to see her friends faces. I explained she might have to return all the money she made this summer from babysitting and house sitting since she couldn't really see what was going on!

Maybe she can see her room needs to be cleaned now...ha ha...I am laughing so so funny! (I love you Emily)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Out Running Ollie Osprey

Benjamin got a special treat for Sunday nights Osprey Game. Daddy signed him up for the beat Ollie around the bases gig. Dan had said next time we went to a game he would sign Benjamin up , I told him I wasn't going to another Osprey game, as you recall they aren't very good. But, Sunday night was Employee Night so Dan got free tickets for the kids and I so, fine, I'll go. Benjamin woke up Sunday morning and right away put on his tennis shoes, because he can run so fast in them. He was ready to go all day and the game didn't start till 5!!!! Ollie was taunting him before the game but Benjamin wouldn't give in, he told Ollie he was going to beat him, he was wearing his fast shoes, duh!? He was so excited when the time came, he ran out on the field and started at home and went didn't even deter him when Ollie stopped to play light sabers with another employee on the field. Benjamin, of course, beat Ollie and he got a "I Out Ran Ollie Osprey" tshirt. He is pretty proud of that shirt, he even wore it to bed. Afterwards he was thirsty for some water, it was about 95' so pretty understandable. I love our little guy!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Beautiful Lake Como

The kids and I headed up to Beautiful Lake Como this weekend for our yearly visit with Nani & McKayla. It was a hot, hot day, about 97'. The water was very low so that was kind of strange because the beach was very big and rocky. One sad note I lost my Ipod Nano from our house to our spot on the beach, it must have fallen out on the beach on the drag down to our spot. I am so bummed!!!! We had a great day, the water was a little chilly but the weather was hot enough that I got in, well floated for a bit. Well, I did get in because I was trying to get out of the tube and I had my flip flops on and I couldn't get my bearings straight that I went flat back on my back. I think it was quite the seen, had Sandi laughing atleast. She then did the same :) Hope you all had a great weekend. I did, but, of course, it all happened to fast.

Friday, August 15, 2008

10 Things I WANT & WANT right now...

1. To lose 50 really do it by eating right and exercising. NO mind games

2. To remember to send out birthday cards, thank yous, anniversary cards...hey, I guess atleast you all get something from me in the mail at Christmas time. Right?

3. Like $30,000. I don't have to win the big lottery and become a millionaire. I just would like to pay all my bills and have a little comfort zone, a nice savings account...

4. To sell our house...I do...I don't want the stress of struggling to pay the bills and not doing fun things because we are married to our house...I just want to be married to Dan ~ my honey

5. My hair to grow...ugh!...need I say more

6. A couple extra hours in every day to either finish the Stephenie Meyer books or to spend with my family

7. GRIZ football games...bring on September 13th...I can't wait

8. World Peace...duh!

9. The David Cook CD to come out

& 10. A diet pepsi...but, that I'm gonna get right now. Aahhhh!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Update on the "Date"

So, sorry I didn't blog today on the how the date went. So many of you are wondering. So, I thought I would update you. The date was a smashing success, we really kicked it off (private joke). We talked, we laughed and we cried ('cause we were laughing so damn much). I would have had a picture to put in if Dan would have remembered to leave my camera, we found these really cute thongs (NO, not for your feet) that said Old Post on them that we would have bought easily but...oh well...

We haven't scheduled a second date...yet. I think we need to stop laughing from last night still.

I'm glad God sent you my way, Rebecca!!!!

As a Daughter I Suck...This I Know

So today is my mom's birthday and of course I haven't mailed out a thing. But in my defense she moved last month and hasn't given me her new address. Also, I did atleast think about it over the weekend. So, hopefully Mom you read this blog and know that I am thinking of you today and wish you a Happy Birthday!~Hope all your dreams come true in the next year!!!! Here is a photo of my mom when she was a 20 yr old hottie and then a pic of her (with the girls) on her last visit to Montana. (Still a hottie, you decide?).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rebecca Spinder - This Blog's For You

Okay, so I have a date with a woman tonight!!! Hee hee (not like that though) Where to start? Well, I have ran into Rebecca for almost the last two years in just obscure places (one time 6 hours away from home) and I feel God is really calling us to be friends. We seem to have got connected on Facebook and we just so much in common and I just feel this real connection to her and that we could be great friends. I emailed her last week with my feelings (ooo laa laa) and she said "I know. We should do dinner" So, here we are heading to dinner tonight to see where this will take us. Kind of weird, kind of cool. What do you think about this?? Is this kind of stalkish or well, I mean how do you become friends with new people??? (Am I kind of having friend issues, why do I keep blogging about them??)
Looking froward to tonight and hopefully a new friend!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some Day Her Prince Will Come (Or is he here already?)

Hannah made it home from camp last Friday. I picked her up and we headed to rent a family movie and grab a pizza. On the radio there was a commercial for a wedding gown business and Hannah says " I can't wait". I said "for what?". She goes on to explain for her wedding. To wear the beautiful dress, the flowers, WHO will she marry. Is it someone she alreadys knows or is it someone she hasn't even met yet. This was a great conversation to have. I never really thought that Hannah thought about this kind of stuff, atleast at the tender years of 10. And she has kind of turned tom boyish too but I guess a little girl is always dreaming of her wedding day!!!

Then I start freaking out because we can barely pay our bills how are we going to put on not one but two beautiful weddings for our baby girls??? We better get our act together now. I don't want them to miss out on a thing for their special day!!!
Here is a pic of her when she was the beautiful flower girl five years ago!!! She is going to make a beautiful bride...someday...her prince will come...or is he already here????? Do you ever pray for your childrens future spouses?? It is something Dan and I have done in the past and I really wish we did it daily. It is a very, very powerful thing.

Monday, August 11, 2008


This weekend I went through my hope chest and found so many reminders of my life thus far. So many friends that I had forgotten about, but was glad to remember. Friends from work, friends from growing up, school years, friends from California, Pennsylvania, Florida and Montana, male friends, female friends, friends I can't find, friends I still keep in touch with, friends I had a falling out with and don't talk to anymore. After reading so many comments in birthday cards, just because cards, goodbye cards, etc... it has me wondering. What really constitiutes a lasting friend or rather a friendship??? Why do so many friendships just end because you no longer live next door to eachother, or sit next to one another, or just no real reason. They just end. I am always sad when a friendship ends...sometimes no reason. Is it always someones fault or can you just stop having anything in common or any real reason, just 'cause????? Am I confusing every one yet??? I know life gets busy and we don't make time for friendships as often as we should but if you were meant to be friends does that mean you are friends forever. As Michael W. Smith put it so wonderfully "And friends are friends forever if the Lord's the lord of them" so I guess I answered my own question. You may lose touch, stop talking daily, but you are still friends. Right??? Wait, I'm wondering again...

Friday, August 8, 2008

10 Reasons I Hate The Fair

Yesterday we headed to the Western Montana Fair for Kids Day.

Ten Reasons I "hate" the fair:

1. The dirt - Emily's legs were actually black at the end of the night.

2. The prices - I found the best deal for All You Can Ride for $15, well, I thought. In the smallest reading there was a $1 Fuel Charge so it was actually $16. Why don't they just put $16 on the *&^%$#@ ticket!!!! Then I bought a soda in the carnival section and the guy handed it to me like an inch under the rim for $3. I said "hey (in a very friendly voice) it's really hot and I am really thirsty, could I get you to fill it to the top". (I swear he put regular on top of my diet, atleast he didn't spit on it, I think, wait, I hope...eewwwwww!!!)

3. The lines for the rides - UGH!!!

4. The heat - why do they have the fair in August. Sun beating down on you

5. The people - I have to admit sometimes it is fun to "people watch" at the fair (boy, you get to see them all) but there are so many and of course they all walk slower than me.

6. The carnies -they are just gross, they scare me

7. The games - why do they like to make my little guy think he can get a life sized Spiderman for only $3???

8. The smoke - irregardless of where I am at the fair. I am always near someone smoking away that just blows right into my nostrils.
9. The fact they make you pay to "walk" into the fair - what a rip off!
10. the garbage - why can't people get their garbage in all the trash cans provided? And why do they teach their kids to do the same as them???
Okay, that really wasn't that hard to come up with 10. Heck, I probably can come up with 20 reasons I hate the fair. It's great that Emily was old enough to hang out with friends by herself (with our own personal gps - Dan's cell phone). I can't wait (well I can 'cause I don't want them to grow up too fast) for them to be able to do their own thing. Dan and I can walk around and eat some fair cuisine and see the displays and head home. The end...that will be nice.
P.S. Benjamin threw a huge fit (see pic) when it was time to head home around 9:30 in the evening. He told me hadn't had fun yet, I told him I begged to differ. I had a camera full of fun and smiles through out the day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am in love...

Oh my. Why did I not read these books sooner? 'Cuz I didn't think I would like a teenage vampire love story see I never got what all the hoopla was about. But when I started hearing friends get excited about the 4th book, I got a little curious. Emily had heard about the books from friends too. They are for teenaged readers by George! Well, we borrowed the first one last Thursday, Emily was done on Saturday and "thirsting" for more. Finally Tuesday night she got the second book. I've been reading Twilight since Sunday eve and I am hooked. I vant more!!!!! I wish I could quit my job and just sit home and read and read. I have the book in the car for when I stop at red lights I have something to do for those mere minutes. The Hirnings give this book two thumbs up, two thumbs way up!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One Happy Camper?

Hannah left for camp Monday morning. She goes to Glacier Camp up in Hungry Horse. This is her 2nd year. She was invited last year by Arianna and she really likes it. She was having major melt downs Sunday and I kind of thought she wanted to be grounded from camp. I am glad she ended up coming home early from Grandma & Grandpa's because I think it was all just too much for her. She needed some down time and some time home just being Hannah. Whatever that may be!!!!! She will be home Friday. She called yesterday and was very happy & excited on the phone. I really couldn't get a word in or understand her because she was a little jaberjaws (waaa waaa waaa - 'member Jaberjaws? He was one of my all time favorite cartoons).