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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where Did It Go?

So a couple of years ago Benjamin realized in the bath one night that he had "two balls" by his wee wee. He had a lot of questions about them and Daddy talked to him about them helping him one day to have babies. Benjamin then walked around and talked about his "babies" and such. Well fast forward to yesterday and at breakfast Benjamin announced to me that one of his babies is gone (grabs himself) and tells me it it growing in his belly. Did I want to feel it? Not really. It was going to grow and he was going to name it Cuzie and then when he has a girl he is going to name it Suzie. I told Dan the story last night and he felt I should look to make sure nothing is missing and that he is okay but I think he's okay. Just a little goofy!

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Carrie Heaphy said...

Hi-left directions under the comment section for Stephs doodles to download-let me know if you have a problem. I will have another stripped bag-do you want it? Let me know-love your site!