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Friday, July 4, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Fireworks)

So we continue on with our party it up while Emily is gone to camp. Benjamin, Hannah & I hit the Osprey Baseball game last night, we got to visit with Daddy who is an usher there. I should have taken a pic of him in his uniform!! (why didn't I? note to self: stop misisng out of memory making shots you BIG dork). The main reason we went to this game was because they have a free fireworks show afterwards, the problem is though you have to sit and watch the whole game!! (Osprey:not so good). Thank goodness we saw lots of friends there to visit with, especially in the snow cone line since we were there about an hour. I left the two to go to the Mommy concession stand and when I came back Benjamin was like "MOM THAT'S A BEER" I explained I knew, he asked me "Mom, do girls like beer?". I said "yes", I didn't explain how some girls I know like beer a little TOO much. (say...Vicki). Anyway, the fireworks show was awesome to be so close too. It was loud though. My new camera that Dan got me for Christmas has a fireworks button so I was excited to try it out. Well as you can see, it doesn't work that well. I should play with it a little more today and maybe get some good shots tonight. Dan is working the Dierks Bentley concert tonight, Em still gone and H, B & I are headed to the Muellers for the yearly gig. Tomorrow we are headed up to the Druyvestein's cabin on Flathead for the rest of the w/e!!! Fun, Fun!!! Be safe, have fun, don't drink & drive and remember the men and women fighting for our freedom (and that of others) today!!! God Bless America!

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Maureen said...

Ah, so I see that Benjamin finally got his treat because he was sooooooooooo hungry! It was nice to see you at the game!