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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

He's Leaving on A Jet Plane

Dan left today for CT for QSP's Summer Meeting, he will be there till Saturday and then he will fly to FL for our family vacation, well, we won't be there but that was the plan when he planned the trip a month and 1/2 ago, till Wednesday. The girls now have All Star Tournaments for Softball and I will be sitting in the hot sun in Great Falls for four days and then Bonner for three days. He says he would rather be with us but I think he should have a good time once he gets to his destinations! I think he is lucky and I would rather be getting on an airplane and headed for somewhere different. If you don't know my mom lives in Florida so Dan will be spending time with the mom-in-law. Thank goodness they get along!!! Please pray for all of us as we travel and are away!!!

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