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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where Does the time go?

Friday night we had a Family Night and B, H, Dan and I went and had pizza for dinner and rented a movie we could all watch together (in our little movie theater). We chose College Road Trip. Em was out with some friends but got home as we were just starting the movie. It was a cute movie and even kept Benjamin's attention. Dan and I kept teasing Emily that could be her & daddy in a few years, she kept saying she wasn't going on a College Road Trip with Daddy but the thing is this really is in our near future. She will be starting 7th grde next month and before you know it she will be in high school and graduating. It totally has me thinking to cherish every minute with her (even when she is being her tweenager self). Where did my Baby Emily go????
Saturday the girls and I went and saw Mamma Mia, it was pretty good. Entertaining. But the theme again was her 20 yr old daughter growing up and getting married. So that was kind of a downer again. Then got home and Dan and I hit the movie theater to see Hancock. I am movie theatered out!!
Sunday has just kind of had a lazy day but I did wash the cars and Dan made a yummy lasagna dinner with homemade italian bread. The kids played outside most of the days with neighbors and Emily spent the day watching tv or reading. It was nice not to have to run...

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