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Monday, July 21, 2008

I still miss you

Today is two years since our good, well best, family friend passed away of cancer. It is still hard to think about, just last week I was telling a co-worker about being with Autumn towards the end of her life and I was crying (as I am now) talking about it. I still have to wonder too what was God's reasoning. They needed her in heaven but there is still sooo many people here on Earth that really need her. She was the best and I am glad that I got to go home and be with her one last time. I cherish those days of just sitting with her, talking with her, rubbing her legs, painting her toenails, just the little things but you know the thing was it was always the little things with Autumn. As long as I had known her, she wasn't fancy or needing to impress people, she was just her sassy self and , God, do I miss her. I'm thinking of you and I still miss you so much, Autumn.

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Jenn aka boysmama said...

(((hugs))) I don't think we ever really get over the loss of those who are close. Be so thankful that you had her in your life.

Well..I recognize you. :) I worked at the store too...when it was above Blooms'....when it first opened up until about 5 years ago. Don't think we worked at the same time though...

Thanks for stopping by. :) Have a great day!