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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Hands

My hands look old. Why do my hands look old (or older)? Does my face and body match that?? I've just noticed lately that when I look at my hands they look like they've aged. Sometimes if I spot them at the right moment they remind me of my mom's hands. I have mixed feelings about that. I mean sometimes I am still that bratty teenager and don't want to be like my mom but then sometimes I think about all her hands have done and I know my hands haven't done any kind of work like that. (I am more of a boss someone around and get it done or pay someone to do it). I don't do the "hard" stuff that my mom can. But still I am 37 why do my hands look old??? But then I think about it; my hands have held Dan's for almost 15 years, my hands have held my beautiful babies, my hands have put band aids on their little "ouwies", my hands have created hundreds of scrapbooked memories for my family to enjoy and treasure, my hands have wrapped lots of presents, my hands have held friends hands when they needed me...The more I think about it maybe my hands have had quite a life in their 37 years, maybe they deserve their "aged" look. Maybe it's ok, when I look at my hands and think of all they have done and what they still will accomplish. I'm proud of my hands...I think I'll keep them.

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