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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In the cheap seats

Last night the Osprey had family night; 4 tickets (in general admission), 4 hot dogs, 4 pops, 4 bags of chips for $25. We adopted Abby to make our family complete since Hannah is still with G&G. Benjamin thought he was BIG stuff because he finally didn't run away from Ollie (the mascot that he continued to call Wall-E) and high fived him EVERY time he walked by. Abby and Emily did what tweenagers do & played with Abby's cell phone most of the night. We also saw this really hot usher I had to take a pic of! Oh by the way, the Osprey won (8-1).

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Anonymous said...

So, I cannot get this Uppercase Living out of my head! I looked at the becoming a demonstrator page and would really like to do it. It gave me the name of someone in Memphis to contact but...if I used your info would you be rewarded? If so, I would rather do it through a fellow blogger than a stranger. Let me know...and...your scrapbook is perfect. I love it!