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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Weekend Flew By

Boy did this weekend just fly by or what? We were busy. Saturday AM I had my yard sale (I made a little over $100 not bad for just basically selling clothes). After that dropped off all the stuff to Good Will or the Childrens Shelter. (Dan was at Rita's funeral). Benjamin than had a birthday party to go to at Currents and then we met up with everyone (Dennis & JoAnn included) at the movies to see Wall-E. Headed to Applebee's for some din, din and the day was over! Sunday we met Dennis & JoAnn again (breakfast) and then Dan and I headed to drop off the girls near Big Fork and stopped and did some grocery shopping and *phew* again, the day was over! Emily is now gone for the week so I don't have to worry about getting her to practice this week. Hannah is having her birthday sleepover tonight so it will be a busy one once I clock out for the day!!!Thank you God it's only a 4 day week!!!! God Bless America!

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