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Friday, July 24, 2009

So Close...Yet So Far Away

371 miles we put on Mike yesterday! We are up and on the road by 20 after 9. Long day ahead of us we are trying to get to Rapid City, SD. We have lunch in Hartford, South Dakota at the Pizza Ranch - yum! Gas up for $2.39. We stop at Wall Drug - if you have ever driven thru SD you understand you gotta stop. There are about 60 signs telling you to stop. Wall Drug was fun enough and a nice little break. Get gas $2.44. Get to The Happy Holiday RV Park around 6ish. Get set up and while doing that I'm walking around the tent and had kicked my shoes off - well I stepped in a pile of dog doo - ewwwwwww! Kids swim for awhile and we then decide to hit Mt Rushmore to see the lighting of it. We will go back in the morning too but since we are like 15 minutes away we should see both! We get up to the park and wait and wait for the lighting. It finally starts at about 9pm. There is probably a 15 minute taped show they show before on a big screen talking about how Mt Rushmore cam to be and about the 4 heads. James Earl Jones does the narrating and there is just something about his voice! It was cool to see but we are ready to head back and get ready for bed. We start a fire and eat some Smith hotdogs and smores!

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