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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Falls

We decided before we left Montana that we were too close to Niagara Falls not to take the kids to see this wonder. Since we do not have passports we had to see the American side which I have never seen - I've always gone to the Canadian side. But I heard the American side was just as beautiful! We left the house by 9:30, since we needed to be back in Erie by 6ish for the Erie Seawolves baseball game we were attending with Aunt Manry Kay, Angel, Kayla, Johnny and Evan! There were a bunch of tolls - we paid over $7! We got there by noon and took the kids to The Hard Rock Cafe, they were virgins, had never been to one before. We then walked over to the Falls - it was beautiful and the kids couldn't believe that Canada was right there! We decided not to do the boat ride into the falls since Dan and I had already done that years ago, we decided to do the Cave of the Winds hike into the falls. They give you a rain poncho and these funky sandals - it was the most amazing thing. We all highly suggest it for anyone visiting the falls to do. We touched Niagara Falls!! We all had a blast there and headed back to Erie and got to the game on time. Called my cousin Laurie ro see if we could meet up the next night and she happened to be at the game so the girls and I went over to visit with her. I then took Benjamin and Evan over to the jumpy thing for awhile and thought "you know I could know people here" and, no kidding you, all of sudden I hear someone go "KELLEY...Kelley Barthelmes?" It was Michelle Brester from high school and Jenny Jones who I also went to grade school with. It was fun to catch up and visit for a little while. Kind of funny that I thought that and then viola all of sudden, there they were. 261 miles driven today!

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