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Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 4 - Keep on Truckin'

Muggy morning in Sioux Falls, SD! Breakfast of Champions at Mickey Dee's. Fill up with some gas, well at the station. $2.35 a gallon. On the road again at 9:25. Next stop Chicago! We are driving down I-90 and we keep seeing signs for The Spam Museum - we look at each other and laugh about it. But, then we see FREE admission into the Spam Museum, well they got us at FREE. Detour - Spam Museum in Austin, MN. Cheesy but fun. Dan was the only one to sample the Spam. Ewwwww. Pb&j in the car again for lunch. Gas in French Island, WI. We decide to camp somewhere in WI, near the IL border. We chose the Jellystone Campground in Ft Atkinson. Nice campground - lots of activities. Pull in around 4:30. Get tent set up, start some laundry and decide to head into town to grab some pizza for dinner. Get gas - $2.39 a gallon. Get back to the site about 7:50 and learn everything, I mean EVERYTHING,closes at 8. Kids can't swim or play the cool mini golf course - a little disappointed. Take a walk and try to get a fire going and play some cards by the lantern light. The kids and Dan see fireflies for the first time ever...something I never realized and I guess I took for granted 'cause I have seen lots of fireflies in my life!

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