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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Erie Here We Come

We drove 493 miles yesterday! Wake up in Canton, OH and head to Bob Evans for breakfast and then to the Football Hall of Fame. Finally get to check email and facebook! Gas up in Canton $2.23 a gallon! Hall of Fame is real fun, Emily wasn't sure about it but everyone enjoyed it. Benjamin wanted his picture taken by everything Pittsburgh Steelers! I told him when we get To Erie we will get him a jersey, can't find one in Montana anywhere! Benjamin was also in heaven when he found Legos Star Wars on a playstation in the play area of the hall of fame! Lunch at the Steak and Shake - kids have fun there! We leave Canton right after 2, need to be at Chuck E Cheeses in Erie by 6:30 for Nicky's (Sara's son) birthday party! Kids have fun playing the games at the party! Get to meet Nicky and Katie for the first time too! We get to Erie a little earlier and go and get Benjamin that Steeler jersey! Get to Aunt Mary Kay's around 9!

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