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Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Proud To Be American

Last night as I watched the fireworks go off I really started thinking about being an American and Independence Day. I can't even fathom living in any other country - we are so blessed to have our freedom and to have people fight for that freedom every single day of my life and yours. You watch the news or read the newspaper and it is so scary in other countries. I don't even think I could last one day in a war driven country. I'll keep my good old USA thank you very much and the men and women who fight for me every day to stay safe.

We did our usual 4th of July celebration. Hannah, Benjamin and I hit Splash Montana for a while with Betsy, Jayden, Josh and Jesse. It was a hot one and just fun to hang out in the water. And as always we follow it up with a BBQ at the Muellers - this year the Simonichs came which was fun. We ate, drank, played kickball (I think the parents beat the kids this year - oh wait no that's next year :) ) and watched the fireworks together! Good times, good times!

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