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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Has It Really Been 20 Years??

I want to sleep in so bad but we need to get over to Kevin's and get the kids and load up for the Erie Zoo with the Kunik clan. The Erie Zoo is so nice, always has been. The kids really, really want to see the penguins. Well, it is like 60 degrees and it is too cold for the penguins so they are inside - say what?? Too cold for penguins?? Being at the zoo is bittersweet though, reminds me so much of Grandma. Going there with her when I was growing up or any time I came to visit with one of the kids. Boy, I miss her! After we head to the Olive Garden to get in our yearly fix. Yum! Head back to Aunt Mary Kay's, Angel and the kids are there for the night too so, our kids are just gonna stay there and hang for the night. Dan and I get all spiffied up and ready to leave the Erie Club and Mercyhurst Prep 20 year reunion. There is some confussion over who is driving. Us? Blairs? But we all get there! It was a great time. Good to see Tom Kendziora, Meighan Coughlin and Shannon Dever - I only mention them because they were not there last night. A funny thing happened though - the minute we walked in the door I spotted her - Ken McCurdy's wife, Deb, wearing the exact same dress as me. Too funny! The night was a blast - danced, drank, danced, drank...Head to the Sloppy Ducks again and get home around 2:30. So glad we came - it was even better than I expected.

It's hard to believe that it has been 20 years. 20 years since I was in high school, 20 years since the world was wide open. A clean slate for me to decide where I want to go, what I want to do. Who I want to be a part of my life. The funny thing about this reunion is that I only went to this high school for my senior year. The high school I attended my freshman - junior year closed when I was a junior. I transferred to Mercyhurst my senior year not knowing many people but having the best year ever. I had a blast! I was the only one that transferred from St Ben's that came to the reunion too. Weird but whatever!

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