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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I told Dan I was not even taking a shower this morning - I just want to get in the car and get home! We drove 353 miles yesterday! Gas up and hit the road by 11. We stopped in Rocker to go potty and a hail storm came through - kind of hurt - OUCH - to get hit by those little pellets! 341 miles later and we are home...Awwwww.... And a chocolate lab puppy dog was pretty excited to see us!

It was a trip in actuality we shouldn't have taken. We couldn't afford the trip but I'm so glad we just went for it. It was fun to see and visit with family and friends and to see the country!

Funny sayings along the way - at one time Dan and I were talking about Benjamin and said out loud "what's not to love about Benjamin?" and Hannah so quietly, and middle child like, whispers "BENJAMIN!"

On a bumper sticker - if life gives you lemons, squeeze them into someones eyes and run!

Hannah's hand always "falling" right into mine and her looking at me and saying "funny how that happens"

A semi driving by - "Be A Flirt and Lift your Shirt"

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