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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sing it Willie - On the road again...

So since we decided not to spend the next day in Chicago we played on line and found a campsite in Austin, MN (Home of Spam) that had a little water park. That was to be our next destination. We drove 473 miles yesterday. Got gas in Chicago ($2.59) before we head to The Encore Restaurant - Pancake House. Tolls to get us out of IL - cost us almost $4 - we'll worth it though :)

Not much of a day - we did stop in a cheese store in Wisconsin. We got to the campground at 4:45 and got all set up for the night. Swam and played, then headed into town and got some dinner at Culver's (was pretty yummy) and headed to Wallyworld to stock up on some essentials. We made some yummy smores in our campfire!!

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