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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 5 - A Change in Plans

On the road at 9:55 am. 481 miles yesterday. Cute Benjamin quote in the AM. He is laying in bed with us, well on our air mattress in the tent and I tell him his feet are filthy; they are green and black. He says they are green because of the grass and black because of his color changing - talking about his tan. Breakfast at Burger King. Lots of tolls for the day driving thru Illinois, Indiana and Ohio - $1.00, $1.60, .80, .30, .80, $3.00, $1.25, $2.39, $6.75 AND $2.50 - yikes!!! Gas in Elkhart, IN - $2.39 a gallon. We decide instead of driving thru to Erie to stop in Canton, OH and see the Football Hall of Fame in the am. We have dinner at Frickers - World Famous Chicken Wings in Maumee, OH. It's 2 for 1 night, who knew? On the drive then to Canton Hannah asked if we were almost there - Dan told her no and if she asked again he'd turn around. Hannah told him "you can't take away someones curosity". Get to the Red Roof Inn in Canton around 10pm!

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