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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The (Art) Work of the Lord??

Benjamin & Hannah drew these pictures in church on Sunday. For whatever reason they did not have childrens time and boy, is an hour a long time for them to sit, especially our little buddy. Benjamin's pic is a self portrait ~ pretty good job since he wore a blue plaid shirt to church. I could totally tell it was him. Hannah's is just a pic but I told her it looked like "Farmer Dan".
I've been feeling bad when I look at the blog. We do have two daughters you know, but lately it just seems like I only talk about Benjamin. Sshhh...he is my favorite, wink, wink ~ so they think and they don't really do "cute" things anymore. But, Emily & Hannah both are doing well with school starting. New teachers, new friends. They both save the school drama for their mama though! Thanks Girls! You gotta love tween girls!!!

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