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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Three Sympathy Cards in One Day??

I just mailed out three cards - all sympathy cards and all people died here in Missoula, our little town and I knew of them all in a personal way. And then yesterday I went to a funeral for a man I only met once or twice in passing. I didn't know him, I know his wife. She is a friend. But it is always so hard for me to go to a funeral of a practical stranger and hear everyone talk about how much they impacted their lives or the great things they did. It always makes me sad that I didn't know that person while they were alive. Why didn't I take the time? I know that is how services are supposed to be; that you don't speak ill of the dead ~ but I know these people were everything that people are standing up in the church and claiming. You can tell in the peoples testimonies that these people were extraordinary, they made a difference in our world. So why Lord did you take them so young, so early? With so much life and love to give? Today the Missoulian obituaries were packed with people of all ages. What is going on here?? Dan says that now that we are older we will know more people that die. The circle of life? Is that true?? How depressing...I just want to take a moment again and tell you all to make the most of every day. And get to know people...take time to talk to strangers,neighbors, friends, coworkers...they can be extraordinary, amazing people and can't we all use a little of that in this world? And think about what you want people to say about you at your memorial service???

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