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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Fun to Play Soccer at the YMCA ~ sing along with me

Last Sunday YMCA Fall Soccer started. This season we have all three playing ~ UGH!! That is alot of time at the Fort on Sunday afternoon. For instance this Sunday we would have had two games at noon, one at one and one at two BUT Emily stayed home sick so we got out of her double header. Benjamin's game was first at noon. Last spring was Benjamin's first time playing and he loved it. He has waited his whole life to be part of a team ~ commradarie, high fives, practice, the parent tunnel at the end of the game and of course the snacks! This week he scored atleast 3 goals he changed his story after Hannah scored 3 at her game. See whoever scores the most goals gets to pick where we go to lunch. Hannah had a great game too and scored atleast 3 but I think it ended up being 4 by the end. It was so flippin' cold out there this Sunday that we just were waiting for it all to end.

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