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Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Benjamin Story

After one whole week of kindergarten Benjamin can now read. Well, so he says. He came home the other day from school and told Dan and I he learned how to read at school that day. He then proceeded to explain that he can read the words he just reads like Emily and Hannah in his mind. He doesn't need to say the words out loud because he says them in his brain, to himself. Alrighty then!

Yesterday he did come home though pretty proud of himself because he can spell C-A-T. I then taught him how to spell D-O-G too! He thinks he is all that (& a bag of chips!)

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go mom go said...

From a teacher...
The next thing you can help him with is blends. Blends are sounds letters make together like "nd", "st", "fl", "cl". Then he should sail right into reading. Also, look for books that focus on sight words, which are words that can't be sounded out. Words such as the and said. Scholastic (you know the book orders that teachers send home) have some great ones.