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Monday, September 8, 2008

GRIZ Football Season is Here

Tis the best time of the year...Griz football
started this weekend!!! Yippee!!! I can't wait for next weekend 'cause that is the 1st home game...I can't wait for the sounds (music, fans cheering, the crashing of helmets), the smells (tailgating), the views (the field from our seats, the big mountains behind us, friends). Bring it on!
On Saturday, Benjamin was the first up and he got all dressed up in his GRIZ clothes. Later in the day he was walking around with his GRIZ helmet on and his GRIZ football and he has "hut, hut, hutting" and tackling Sadie. The GRIZ won(30-28) in the last minute when the Cal Poly kicker missed the field goal. Yes, I kept saying "miss, miss, miss". It was a good weekend for Missoula football. Sentinel & Big Sky high schools won too! I told Dan not to worry the GRIZ would be ok. It was Missoula's weekend, damn, I'm good!
So anyway on Sunday I wake up to this Lego scene in the entryway. I asked Benjamin if it was a football field and he said it was. I told him way to go, good use of your imagination. He tells me it was just in his brain and he just used it. What a smart little boy!!!!!


summer said...

Hey There, it is a small world! We miss griz season! Just wanted to say I love that quote on the top of your page... I wanna be that woman!!

go mom go said...

Second that, that's a great quote!
I saw an Idaho license plate the other day that said "go griz". Even in Idaho they love the Griz!

Michele said...

If you need to get rid of any of your tickets again this year, we would be game!!!!!