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Monday, September 29, 2008

Kelley's Getting on Her Soapbox Again

THONGS! What is the real reason for these??? Does anyone know? Are they just supposed to be a "sexy" thing? There is no real "use" for them. They don't cover anything! They are disgusting on cute, little butts and they are really disgusting on large arses!!! This weekend I was at a funeral service, in a church, and a large girl was wearing one with low rider pants across aisles from me people and every time she stood up and sat down I got to see this piece of material, covering, well not much! UGH!!!! I was so embarrassed for her. Seriously can anyone tell me what there purpose is?!


go mom go said...

I'm absolutely loving these gripes of yours because you seem to be rubbed wrong by the same things I am. Want to know another one of my gripes? Unbuckled children! The other day I saw a mother get into her car and put her baby (who was in a typical carrier)in the front seat. Putting the child in the front seat was my first gripe, my second gripe was that she didn't even buckle the child seat in.'s your sign!

Rebecca said...

My husband says they are for the men...period.