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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Mommy Skip Day

Today I was supposed to be at a school board training day, but that got cancelled (awhile back)so instead of going to work today I had a Mommy Skip Day. My friend Tana and Darlene and I did the Hiawatha Bike Trail on the Montana/Idaho border. It was something I had on my New Years Resolutions for 2007 and it didn't get accomplished, BUT in 2008 IT DID!!! I did it today baby! We rode 7 miles down and 7miles back. Yep, 14 miles. The shuttle does not run during the week but today was the best time to go since there wasn't many people. It only has a 2% grade but boy was coming back hard. It also has trestles you ride over where you are hundreds, hundreds, of feet off the ground.(see pics) And then there are tunnels you ride through. One is almost 2 miles long and nope,folks, there is no light!!!! Wow. What a day! I am so glad I can say I finally did it and I can't wait to get Dan there next year!


go mom go said...

Awesome. Great job!
I love that picture of the tunnel!

Rebecca said...

Wow...I love the "racing" gloves. TeeHee!
I can't wait to do that ride. However, I WILL be taking the shuttle.