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Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Will Not Forget

September 11th...I don't think I will ever forget that day...I remember where I was when the Challenger blew up (9th grade ~ St Ben's library) and I am sure at that time I felt sad but, when I think of 9/11 I still get tears in my eyes and it takes me right back to that day. What a horrible, horrible day for our country and how it changed the world. Ever since that day when we say prayers with the kids at night we "God Bless ...(our family)" and then we say "God Bless America", ever since that night. Benjamin grew up knowing nothing different.
Emily and I watched "United 93" this week as they are talking about the attacks at school. It was hard to watch and get back in that frame of mind. After the attacks we didn't have cable or satellite and that was all that was on the major networks, I came home from work and put the tv on and cried. Watching and listening as they found more bodies or told the stories of the heroes from that day. The babies that were not born yet that would never know their Daddies. The story of one man missing the subway and cursing because of it but he was still alive because he would have been in the WTC. I actually went on anti depressants for awhile after that. It was hard. Emily started talking about people flying after that and said she couldn't imagine but she had forgotten that we had to get on a plane within two weeks of the attacks to fly to Erie so she could be the flower girl in Kevin's wedding. I didn't want to, I begged Dan to let me drive the girls and I. He didn't fly with us, he flew in for the weekend. He said it would be safer than ever for us to fly. I told him he didn't love us but, actually who was going to take down a plane going from Missoula, MT to Erie, PA. Realistically, wasn't going to happen.
Also, you cannot think of this day and not think of all the soldiers that are defending and fighting for our freedom and rights every day. The soldiers giving their lives and time away from their families for me, you ~ they don't even know us but they feel it is important thing to do. And it is. I am proud to be an American!!!
I took this picture at the fire station right behind our house about a year ago. I love to see the flag blowing. What a sight...a beautiful sight...Forever in our hearts...We will not forget...

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