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Friday, June 27, 2008

My Boy What A Joy

Last night Benjamin said "Mom, can I tell you something?" (he says this daily, anytime he wants to tell me anything). "Sure Bud" says me. "Can you sleep with me tonight?" I have never done this before. I told him I couldn't, Daddy would be sad without me. He told me he was sad without me plus he said he was scared. "Scared of what", I asked. He tells me "when I put my hand down there, I feel a monster and it makes me scared". I was scared to ask him what the heck he talking about, needless to say we prayed and kissed and I went to bed in my own bed. Yikes!!!! Here are some photos my friend Dawn surprised me with before Mothers Day. Look at my boy's beautiful face!!!! I could eat him up!


Ron,Michele, Logan, and Cale said...

Logan is afraid of Bears, I'm not even sure why, but he will sneak into our bed still when he has a bad dream. Kids! What is with these word verifications when you leave a comment? Does mine have it? hmmmmm

Gina brown said...

Great pictures Kelly love all your storys.