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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kelley's Deep thought for the day

I've been reading this book called "Things I Want My Daughters to Know". Kind of depressing, a mom of four daughters aged 14 - 30 is dying of cancer and she writes letters to her daughters telling them things, well, that she wants them to know. She also leaves them a diary of posts about their lives and times together. It has me so much thinking about my "just in case" scrapbook I hope to make with some friends this fall for the kids. "Just in case" something was to happen to me for them to know how I felt about them, their dad, their life, my life, their futures, my wishes...the whole kit and kaboodle! Just ever since Tracy's death I know I need to get this done and that I will feel good to know that it is done. It's not a pretty job but somebody needs to do it and that someone is me.

BUNCO tonight - yeah, I NEED some ME time and fun!!!

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Ron,Michele, Logan, and Cale said...

Looken good! I'll need to be included in that one too. Hope Benjammin got Logan's invite, we so need to get together.