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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This has been a busy week (which one hasn't lately). Hannah started Band Camp (one time at Band Camp...) this week. She is learning the cello. Also she starts piano lessons today. The girls tried out for All Stars for Softball and they both made the team. What this will mean for us is lots of money & travelling but what a great experience for them. Emily had a good bye party for a friend yesterday at Splash Montana and she heads to the lake this w/e with another friend, she has also had softballl practice every night. My poor white girl is turning red from all the time outside, it doesn't matter how much sunscreen she uses!!!!! Benjamin had a tball game & pics last night and another game tonight AND I am trying to get my stuff together for a yard sale this w/e!!! How the heck is that ever going to happen!!! I will put in 32 hours at the office (still seems weird to say), should have golfed on golf league but got a sub and should have had a School Board meeting and then Dan started his gig for the Osprey!!!! Whew!!!!

Hope everyone else has the chance to just sit and enjoy the summer like's finally here!

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