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Thursday, November 13, 2008

So I Am Feeling Like A Hypocrite

Emily wants a cell phone and the deal was if she had all A's before her 13th birthday she would get one for her bday present. Well, she has all A's but one B in advanced math. Hmmmm...the whole reason I feel like a hypocrite is Em really wants texting if she gets a phone which I tell her no, she will not get it. Maybe in high school. I ask why she needs texting and she says to talk to her friends and such. I then act all old fashioned and tell her "well in my day when we wanted to talk to a friend, we called them or did it face to face". But, and here is a BIG but...I talk to friends all day long from my past and present on facebook. I probably wouldn't talk to most of these people face to face. Or on the phone? So am I hypocrite? Aren't I doing the same thing?

P.S. Emily if you are reading this it does not mean you will be getting texting if you get a phone!

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Maureen Roy Photography said...

Ok--my $.02. The difference between YOU communicating on Facebook and your daughter texting is don't have a ton of time to spare for developing friendships that are already established, and it's nice to get a quick note at our age, no matter how much we'd like to talk on the phone. Half the time we get each other's answering machines anyway, so for some of our communication the convenience factor falls in with jobs, running kids to activities, blah blah blah. The other difference is that we are capable of having good, deep, meaningful conversations, so even when we send short emails or short txt messages to one another, we know that if something bigger came up, we'd be able to have the skills to ask good questions, find out information, and learn the art of talking, sharing, relying on others for others for support, and frankly, the art of TACT. What I see right now with Madelyn (via emails to people's phones...ugh), is that these converstaions are instantaneous, without the ability to learn to read facial expressions (cause there are none) or verbal nuances that you or I would pick up on in a conversation. Texting removes all of that, and without that, I see whole generation who is unable to talk to one another.

And this comment officially makes me an old woman, I might add.