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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Laundry Wars

So a few years back I got very frustrated with the girls and their laundry. Their hampers were full of inside out clothes, socks in balls and better yet, clean clothes. I had enough and decided they needed to do their own laundry. They would then realize my frustrations. Ha, ha, ha (are you laughing too?)

Well it has still caused nothing but frustrations. They just wash their clothes inside out, balled up and they still put clean clothes in their hamper when they get lazy and wash it again...when they do wash!

There is screaming weekly during laundry time. We encourage them every weekend to do their laundry. We encourage them to wash their clothes together ~ especially whites but that caused more problems ~ who was going to move it, fold it, etc... Every weekend laundry does not get all the way DONE they leave it laying in the washer & dryer and the laundry area is always a mess. Candy wrappers everywhere. Earrings & headbands laying around. Fabric softner sheets never making it in the garbage. The laundry baskets are never neatly stacked - just thrown in the area. Every week I yell, show frustration, scream, want to cry, "Why can't it ever just be done and done right?"

So, I told Dan I wasn't even going to tell them to do their laundry. They each went almost a full month without doing their laundry. I can tell you they don't have that many pairs of pants, shirts (well, maybe), socks and more grossly UNDERWARE. Last weekend we finally made them do their laundry and you know what it just isn't worth it. I am taking it back. I just can't handle it anymore! But I know this doesn't mean that the "laundry wars" is over. I may occasionally ask them to move some laundry, or fold something that might not be theirs or better yet to put away the clean laundry I just washed & folded in the same afternoon ~ and there will be eye rolling, whining, yelling...Why can't they just get it? Dan wants to know why I let it bother me so much ~ I should know better! Well I don't, I'm hopeful! Ha, ha (are you laughing too?)

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