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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Griz win 35-3

It's one of the most wonderful times of the year ~ GRIZ/Cat weekend. (it's really only wonderful if the GRIZ win, but they have for the last 3 years) It is the big state rivalry between the Montana Grizzlies (U of M ~ here in Missoula) and the Montana State Bobcats (Bozeman). The game is always so fun, whether the game is here or in Bozeman and then we get together with Griz and Cat fans alike to watch. This year was pretty cool because the GRIZ came out with Old School Colors ~ Cooper and Gold ~ we haven't worn those colors since Em was born in 1995. It was cool and brought a little tear to some mens eyes (Travis S, probably Dan too, he had sun glasses on though). It was the largest sporting event ever played in Montana (with the new addition to Washington Grizzly stadium this summer) with over 25,000 people there to watch the Griz smoke the kitties! Awesome, awesome day...

By the way, I also attached a weird photo. Check it out ~ during halftime we were walking around the stadium and Dan said look at all the guys looking out at the river. I was like, "huh? they aren't looking out at the river. Ewwww ~ they are peeing". How lazy! See the outhouse in the pic? Instead of peeing in there they (and at one time there was atleast 6-7) were going in the grass/river area. How gross!

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