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Sunday, November 23, 2008

All American Girls (With Carrie Underwood)

It was announced in June that Carrie Underwood was coming to Missoula on November 21st. I so wanted to take the girls to their first concert but tickets sold out within a few hours. I held out hope that I could score some tickets the week of the concert. Well, after a lot of phone calls and playing on line it happened ~ the day of the concert no less. I scored us 3 tickets on the arena floor. I had put out the word that I was looking for tickets so then I always have lots of ears and eyes open. Our friends, the Caldwells, called to let me know that more tickets went on sale and I told her I had got mine already the hour before. We decided to go to the concert together with her 3 girls & our 2. It was an awesome concert and lots of fun. Emily & Mackenzie ended up being right in front of the stage and got touched by members of Little Big Town, they weren't excited enough not to wash their hands. They said if Carrie would have touched them they would not have washed their hands, for how long? I don't know. Ewww ~ gross! It was a perfect night - lots of fun and now most of our Christmas shopping is done ~ it was a spendy night

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Michele said...

I saw where you were! What a truly wonderful concert, she can sing no doubt, but she can really perform. Glad you were able to go.