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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As A New Day Dawns

Well, as I sit here and get ready to go to bed. I keep thinking back to my thoughts of the day. When I was walking into my polling place this morning I had so many different emotions. Proud ~ to be an American and to have the chance to, kind of, have my say.I had tears in my eyes and was choked up after voting. Moodiness ~ as it was raining on me and I had to park pretty far away. Wonderment ~ wondering what the next day would bring. Would we make history and vote in an African American president? Would we vote in a female vice president? Optimism ~ still hoping that John McCain would win. I know how many of my friends and family can't believe the audacity of me wanting John McCain and Sarah Palin to win, but I did. That is where my vote went today...sorry. I am not here to criticize or defend my vote. I am just here to say how I feel.

The day was also interesting listening to the kids. Benjamin got off the bus today and asked me who I voted for. I told him that was personal and not something that people had to share. He then explained to me that he voted for "duck". They voted for duck and cow in his class and "duck" won. He then proceed to tell me he would vote for "Arock Obama". Later he explained to me why he hoped "Arock" would win. He told me he liked his tan. I said "tan?". He said "no! Plan". I asked him what his plan was and he told me to have Mommys & Daddys read to their kids every night. Not sure where he got that from. Emily and her class have talked so much about this election and she was telling me at dinner about the electorals and how many each state got. She was very informative. Hannah was enjoying watching the returns and what they were saying. She had so many questions and comments about the night. I don't remember being in 5th or 7th grade and knowing so much about an election or even caring. Maybe a new day is dawning...I just hope it's the best day for America. God bless America!

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